Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Good News/Bad News

Kind of a good news/bad news situation here tonight: I'm drunk, and I'm planning to get drunker. Anyway, here's stuff:

- This whole Kyle Ochochobee thing sucks. Leaving a team early alway sucks for the team. Since there isn't a Gopher on the basketball team this year with a prayer of being drafted, early or otherwise, the best comparison I can come up with is how Rico Tucker is going to declare early to be a first round pick and leave Pepperdine in a bind. It's not really fair to Pepperdine, but where you're a special talent you have to do what's best for you.

- Wofford giving Purdue everything they can handle. I don't know what to make of Purdue, sometimes they look really good, and sometimes they look brutal. Like tonight, they clearly have more talent, size, athleticism than Wofford, but they refuse to play defense and generally take bad shots. I suppose that's to be expected with a young team. I would be willing to bet they lose to someone like Iowa but end up beating an Illinois or Michigan State. Dangerous NIT team.

- Holy crap Baylor is getting destroyed. Guess I shouldn't have believed in them.

- David Teague is in the house to watch Purdue. Somehow this is a big deal to the announcers. They'll hire anybody on ESPNU.

- Memphis is insanely good. They're just toying with Cincy, keep letting them get back in it, and then going on a run. Derrick Rose is unreal. Rico-like.

- Is it weird that I still love Totino's Party Pizza's? No fat jokes.

- I know I'm not anywhere near the first person to say this, but college football's postseason is just plain stupid. Why is LSU worthly of the championship game? And to be honest, why is Ohio State? Sure, they only had one loss, but they played in the crapass Big Ten. Imagine college basketball this way. Memphis wouldn't be allowed in the championship because they play in C-USA.

- So I was going to do a whole end of the year thing about my favorite comments of the year, but now that seems like it may be too hard so I just want to point out my favorite thing ever. Go to this post, in which I make a sarcastic post about the Colts sucking in the preseason, because I was stuck in DC with nothing better to do, and check out the comments. Now, the first one was hilarious, because the guy clearly doesn't get it, but keep scrolling down. There's a comment from November, where I get called out for being stupid saying the Colts suck. Just classic. I'm sure there are better comments out there, but this one still stands out.

- So Joey Dorsey of Memphis was 20-22 on field goals going into this game, and the announcers are making a huge deal out of it. Guess what? If you're 20-22 on field goals, it just means you suck and all your shots are dunks or layups because you have zero offensive game. Joey Dorsey is now my least favorite player.

- Second technical in less than a minute on Memphis. They are clearly shaving points. Please investigate this.

- They just showed Chris Kramer's mom back over at the Purdue game. Way hotter than Suzy Kolber.

- Wofford just beat Purdue. The Big Ten is brutal, once again.

- Wow. So not only did Memphis go ahead and get two technicals tonight, but they continue to miss frree throws, with good shooters ,just to make sure they don't cover. Very suspicious. I'm going to bring this to your attention in about two years when Memphis gets busted.

- Memphis is more crooked than Clem.

- Well this is just fantastic, I either have Mich St blowing out San Jose or UNC blowing out nicholls state. gay.

- I'm gong to try to watch an NBA game (Wolves), probably won't go well.

- FYI - Duke will beat Pitt by 20 tomorrow. Also, NBA sucks.

- Whatever happend to Joseph Forte?

- Wow. The NBA can actually be pretty entertaining in the playoffs, but here in the regular season this is jsut terrible. And it's even Golden State, who si stupposed to be all about scoring points and what not. I'd rather watch a blowout in college hoops.

- Joe Forte is playing in Russia.

- Seriously, Purdue lost to Wofford.

- Some other good comments:

from here:

you're unbelievable.
rick has a career doing what he loves and living his life.
look at you. spending so much time putting a guy down.
you're pathetic.
hmmm- jelousy?
anything he has done and will do you can only dream about.
rick works his ass off everyday, you never get off yours. apparently too busy blogging about how you hate "anything goldy".

This one was pretty good from Bogart:

Just read in the paper this morning that Deuce is out for the year. I'm surprised its not already posted on this blog, but I guess since it doesn't involve anyone on W's fantasy team there's no coverage on his blog. Any takers that Bush has more rush/rec. yards this year than LT??? Bush has already spotted him about 80 yards

This one was good from $nake:

Detroit +6.5 is a stone cold lead pipe lock! Have you seen Philly play? It is liking watching the Vikings except Andy Reid is fat with a bad stache instead of skinny with a bad stache like Chilly. Both teams have black quarterbacks who can't play. Note to Chunky Soup Guy, I am not a racist (unless you are talking about native americans, then I am), You and T-Job both blow simple as that. Their receivers have less combined talent then the gophers front court. All this adds up to Detroit wins by 2.

That was about Philly, who won by 40+

I always like compliments, and BucktheFadgers once told me:

Just a comment on the Blog in makes me laugh my ass off.

and anonymous once said "You are the blogging maestro" which of course was nice to hear.

But I think, as comment of the year, I'd have to go with "WWWWWW, You're a Fag and your blog is stupid and irrelevant.". It just really sums up this blog so well. Even thought it was posted in the midst of a pretty solid baseball discussion that was 48 comments long, it is just so insightful, so accurate, so precise, that I can't help but admire the intelligence of the person who posted it. Anonymous, step forward and claim your reward.

- Holy sweet mother of jesus, have you seen this coach of Kansas's football team? First off, he stole his name from that guy on the Jets, Mangini vs. Mangino, and second of all, he stole his fatness from Majerus, but worse. Nobody is going to sign this guy, even after winning coach of the year in the NCAA, because he's going to die in three years. Seriously.

- Why the mother hell is World's Stongest Man on Espn2 right now? I thought that was something they just threw on during the day for drunk college kids to watch. Magnus ver Magnusson was the freakin' man. Dominant.

- Ok, if I had to pick one comment for the year of 2007, it would be "You are my hero" From here. Pretty much the best summary for DWG for the year.

- UNLV is a pretty decent team. They're going to end up beating Arizona tonight. Will be a very good test for the Gophers coming up.

- Dude who visits here almost every day by searching for "Auburn Logo" on google: It's Probably easier for you, plus I paid $1.99 for the year for tht URL. So use it.

- Done.


Hopeful said...

Any chance they were the pepperoni pizzas, and they you ate a lot of them?

Hopeful said...

..., and that you ate

WWWWWW said...

I don't get it.

The Todd said...

What do I get for comment of the year?

Rusty Trombones are my favorite.

Again, you are my hero.

All my love...

I hate bears said...

uhh...bear is back!

Bear said...

I'm here to claim my prize for "comment of the year," what do I win, tickets to the worst 08 - 09 non-conference game on the schedule? This must be what it feels like to win the smack-off.

The Todd, you're a pathetic kiss-ass. The only reason W tacked your comment on at the end of his post is because at beer #21 the self-loathing sets in and he needs some reassurance that this blog is not terrible. In reality, we know, and most importantly he knows, this blog is most certainly stupid and irrelevant.

P.S. W, General Mills recalled their pepperoni pizzas about a month ago, over fears of E. coli. Eat up!

The Todd said...

I eat Bears for breakfast.

joe said...

WWW is the greatest of all time. WWW is awesome and his blog is so cutting edge. I wish I was more like WWWWW.

bogart said...

Hey W, where was your "5 who are about to become superstars in the NFL" post???

WWWWWW said...

Maybe it's the beer talking Joe, but your post seems sarcastic.

And that post never happened Bogart. You hear me? NEVER. HAPPENED.