Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Most Boring Team Ever

- Remember how I thought Auburn might be good this year? Well, they lost their leading scorer to injury, but watching this West Virginia/Auburn game, it wouldn't matter. They are just horrible. So far it seems like their offensive consists of two options: 1. Throw the ball out of bounds or 2. throw the ball to the other team. Yuck.

- What's with all the love for Vanderbilt? Not only are the ranked #23 right now, but the announcer in this WVU/Auburn game just said they were his sleeper team for the SEC this year - What the hell? Is it because they're 8-0? This team needed triple overtime to beat Southern Alabama at home. They beat a crappy Wake Forest team at home by 3, and that one was down to the wire. They've beaten some mediocre teams at home and that's it. The beat Georgia Tech, but Tech is also 3-4 and might lose to Georgia State tonight. Trust me, Vandy is not that good. I'm betting against them the rest of the year.

- Wow. Allen Iverson has 49 points through three quarters on 17-23 shooting. I can't decide if I should keep watching him or go over to the Gonzaga/Wash St game. The Lakers are doubling him every time he has the ball passed midcourt right now. And if you're wondering, that 49 is the highest individual total in an entire GAME this season.

- This Gonzaga vs. Wash St game is two of my least favorite programs ever. Gonzaga, because every year they're a top 40 type team, who plays in a crappy conference so they never get exposed, and then gets "upset" in the tournament and the nation mourns the poor little team that could. And Wash State because I hate teams that play that slow down Princeton style crap and Derrick Low looks like girl.

- The announcer just said Low is one of the best guards you've never heard of. Seriously? If Wash St and little girl Low got any more press the last two years, they'd be called Duke.

- And now Mark Few has been called one of the best coaches in the HISTORY of college basketball. This is truly a lovefest by these two clowns. No wonder they're on ESPNU.

- Kenyon Martin is still in the NBA? (I'm flipping. AI has cooled, but we have OVER 221 in this game)

- Low kind of looks like a caveman too. He's like a female cave man. And not the hot kind with the big rack and fur bikini. More like the ugly kind with the stupid pony tail and jay leno jaw. And stupid.

- It's 11-8 WSU, and I'm starting to think it was really stupid to pick Gonzaga here. WSU's stupid Princeton crap has a place, and against a not-very-athletic team with a mediocre coach like Gonzaga, it's probably going to work. Dammit.

- I don't know how this happens, but Long Beach is beating Loy-Marymount by 20 right now. Loyola Marymount must be the worst team in history. They probably couldn't even beat Iowa.

- The NBA really sucks. Only in the NBA can two teams combine to score 176 points in three quarters, only need to score a total of 45 more to cover an over, and end up only getting 42. Dumb. I hate the NBA and I hate all of you.

- WSU leads 28-19 at half in what is a pretty boring game. I predict WSU kills a whole bunch of teams this year, loses to UCLA and USC twice each and once each to Arizona and Oregon, and then gets beat in the NCAA tournament in one of the first two rounds, as soon as they face an athletic ACC or SEC team.

- Gonzaga: 8-30 at half. I will say that yes, WSU plays some very tough defense, but that's embarrassing.

- WSU has a guy named Aron Baynes who is basically just Jeff Hagen if Hagen had better footwork, some actual offensive moves, a better touch on his shot, could make free throws, and was an above average defender.

- There are nine white guys on the floor right now. Well, eight white guys and a cavewoman.

- The worst "best player on his team" in the country has to be Gonzaga's Matt Bouldin. Zero points on 0-8 shooting. If you're a goto guy, you have to at least get to the line if things aren't falling.

- They just called Low the "Pride of Hawaii." I don't know, I'd have to go with El Sid. And we've got ourselves a bar burner here, WSU 45, Gonzaga 43 with 3:32 to go. Both teams kind of suck.

- WSU wins 51-47, and have clearly established themselves as the most boring team in the country. Since they're boring, and I'm sure reading this was boring, here's a video of a little girl getting hit in the face with a soccer ball.

Little Girl Vs Soccer Ball - Watch more free videos

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