Sunday, December 16, 2007

Michigan is the Suck

In case you missed it, the mightly Wolverines of Michigan continued to suck, losing at home to Central Michigan. Sound familiar? That's who the Gophers beat 77-59. Yet, they knocked of the Wolverines, in Ann Arbor, 78-67. That, along with the loss to Harvard, is almost enough to bring Michigan to Northwestern like levels. Wow.

After a nearly disastrous start yesterday, going 1-5 in the first six games, finished up going 7-2 to finish 8-7 on the day. Not much going on today.

Manhattan PK @ Princeton

Yesterday: 8-7
Season: 114-98

1 comment:

Heartbroken said...

In my entire football viewing life, there has never been a sadder day. Rot in Hell, Brian Billick!

P.S. Real classy, sluts! Making mom and dad real proud.