Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Corey Brewer vs. the World

Somewhere previously, I said Corey Brewer would be the best pick of this draft other than Greg Oden or Kevin Durant. I don't know if it was the excitement of seeing him slip to 7, the fact that he won Final Four Most Outstanding Player (where we had him at 10-1 odds), or my keen basketball sense, but I was sure he would be the man.

Using a sophisticated ranking system I call "Looking at Stats" it looks like he is #4 so far this season, using minutes, points, blocks, steals, assists, and rebounds. Beating him are Kevin Durant (of course), Al Horford, and Yi Jianlian. Brewer is averaging 21 minutes (5th among rookies), 4.9 points (13th), 4.6 rebounds (5th), 1.5 assists (4th), 0.7 steals (6th), and 0.4 blocks (8th). I think it's safe to say he's barely tapped his potential at this point whereas Horford and Jianlian are probably already at their peak, and will likely only fade from here - leaving Brewer as the best rookie not named Durant, and proving once again that I'm always right.

If you're wondering, the rookies getting at least 10 minutes a game who rank lowest are Spencer Hawes and Aron Afflalo. Also interesting is the fact that Daequan Cook is the second leading scorer amongst rookies. That one I didn't see coming.

On another T-Wolves note, I caught a little bit of last night's game on the radio. Somehow I heard that the games are on 106.1 FM now, and so flipped over. Well, it appears Craig Smith's new nickname is "The Rhino." I'm not really sure how I feel about this one, mostly based on the fact that the time I saw him in person (BC vs. Villanova in the tournament) he was fat and lazy. BC had to set up the offense before he even got down the court most of the time, and the majority of his points and rebounds came because he was fatter than everybody else. I'd be more inclined to go with "The Hippo", except hippos are really aggressive and kill people all the time, and Smith is too lazy for that. I'm going with "The Manatee."

That wasn't the point, the point was that right after I heard him refer to The Manatee as "The Rhino" he said "and Smith Rhino's it into the lane." That is, without a doubt, the single dumbest thing I've ever heard. I don't know who that announcer is, but he should be shot or beaten or killed or something.

Penn State -14 vs. Princeton
Vanderbilt -4 @ DePaul
Maryland -7.5 vs. Ohio
Cincinnati +20 @ Xavier
Boston College -5 vs. UMASS
New Orleans +5 @ Colorado
Santa Clara -6.5 vs. Pacific
Cal Poly +8 @ Portland St

Yesterday: 3-2
Season: 100-87


The Rhino said...

The Rhino Rhino'd for 36 points and 8 boards last night.

That matched WWW's senoir season total.

Theory said...

Craig "Sea Cow" Smith

Anonymous said...

WWW played high school sports, seems a little too...whats the word...portly...for any athletics of any kind. he seems more like a AV geek or someone who marched in the high school band before he got too big for the tuba to fit around him or too slow to keep up with the marching band pace...

snacks said...

Let's all remember that Spring Lake Park didn't have very strong athletic teams when WWWW attended school there. I also think he and Brian Dols were co-captains of the math team.

klinger said...

I'd prefer if you didn't sully the math team's good name by associating it with W.

WWWWWW said...

You all shut up now.

The Todd said...

SLP's adapted floor hockey team was unstoppable my senior year of 1998. It was a privelage and an honor to captain that group of misfits.