Saturday, December 1, 2007

Gophers Rule?

I'm not going to lie to you, I barely remember the Gopher game. We got there late (after having been at the bar since 9, or at least I was) and left early because they were just kicking the shit out of Riverside.

There's not a whole lot of breakdown needed in a game like this, and I assume From the Barn, Jim Shik, and Gopher Nation will do a much better job than I will. When you play a team like this, you better damn well beat them by 30 if you want to be treated seriously. 47% shooting, 57% from three vs. 30% and 31% is the way it better go down. At least I know now I don't have to give up on them completely after that FSU embarrassment.

The good news is I have beer here at home, after drinking way too much and driving home in this homosexual snow storm, and pregnant Mrs. WWWWWW is sleeping on the couch next to me, so I'm clear until she wakes up.

Instead of trying to be coherent, I'm going to go ahead and just write stuff stream of consciousness style.

- If you read this and like baseball, make sure you read the comments after The Sidler's Delmon Young/Matt Garza post. It's a really solid baseball debate. There's hardly any calling people fags at all. Check it out.

- 2-0 on Snack's college football bets. Eat it Bogart. Also, just to warn you we doubled up on the Browns on Sunday. That usually doesn't work out.

- Why do people love Gonzaga so much? It's because they're almost all white, isn't it? ASSWiPe syndrome at its finest.

- I can't list ASSWiPe syndrome as a label, I'm guessing because it's a naughty word. Geez, if you can't swear on a free system that let's you blog, I guess you can't swear anywhere. Also, UCONN sucks.

- Snacks laid ten bets last night (or this morning) at 4:00am. That can't be good. Picked Duke -9, which lost. Nice job , ass.

- I really have no opinion on the Gopher game. Nobody impressed me, and nobody pissed me off, except Maddog. It's basically the same as if I didn't go to the game at all. Other than the part where $nake wanted to play swords in the bathroom. That dude has some serious issues. Fo real.

- Do you ever think of drinking as almost like a job? I mean seriously, I have to drink today because otherwise I can't handle Snake and Maddog. And then tomorrow is football, so I have to drink to deal with Theory, LunnDale, and Dr. Acula. Then Monday is a Gopher game again, and my Old Man will make me drink. And then Tuesday is our football league, where I have to drink so I don't cry at the fact that I'm still playing touch football at my age. Christ, I seriously am just looking forward to Wednesday. Oh, and UCONN sucks.

- Seriously, UCONN has some good players, but they are retarded as a team. They're going to get shredded in the Big East.

- I swear to god, if UCONN and K State played, it would either by 20-18 or 120-118. They are the two stupidest teams I've ever seen. Tell me why we're supposed to respect Jim Calhoun again? Is it because of the championship he won with El-Amin? The guy who I totally schooled at open gym? Yeah, that's right. I destroyed him.

- Did you ever notice how chicks named Kaylynn are always hot? It's true.

- God damn UCONN sucks. Way to let them go down the toilet Calhoun.

- some quick research: Corey Benjamin (Oregon St) - Portugal, Luis Flores (Manhattan) - Greece, Keydren Clark (St. Peter's) - Greece, Curtis Stinson (Iowa St) - Greece, Curtis Staples (Virginia) - retired, which makes me sad, Ricky Price (Duke) - I can't find any information but I wanted to include him since he's the greatest Coach K player ever. Apparently Greece will just hire anybody.

- UCONN lost by three to Gonzaga because they're so stupid.

- Holy sweet jesus, Weber St is on TV on the Big Ten network against Illinois. I wish I would have bet on this game, I'd take Ill -30. Also, I think I'm probably drunk.

- ESPNU has some gay football game on between VA U and TUSK. I have no idea who either of those teams are. I'm probably racist.

- Seriously, if you ever hang out with Snake, he'll grab your nuts. I wish I was kidding. Be careful.

- Also some chick at this one bar said my skin was a 9 out of 10. Two things to take out of this: 1. She wanted me (obviously) and 2. Bogart's skin really sucks. It's like a zombie.

- Michigan might be as much of acrap factory as Iowa. Losting to Harvard by six.

- Michigan down 28-22 to Harvard at half. The Big Ten is just brutal. Easier fo rthe Gophers to sneak into the tournament I guess. What a horrid collection of shitty teams. They should just cancel the Big 10/ACC challenge and go with the Big Ten/Sun Belt challenge. Yeah, what's up now?

- Wife awake now. Game over. Have to go get frozen pizza for crazy pregnant lady. Will try not to hit anybody.


Just Curious said...

Did he want to play swords or was he just trying to piss on you? There is a difference. Please elaborate on how Dawg pissed you off.

WWWWWW said...

Dawg existed. That's pretty much enough.

snacks said...

I can't believe Curtis "The Curt-Man" Staples couldn't at least beat out fat Voshon Lenard for a 3-point specialist job in the NBA. So sad.

Snake said...

WWWWW- You know the only reason I offered to play swords with you is because you where pissing with an extremely wide stance. We all know what that means so I threw swords out there as an ice breaker. You only felt shame when Jer-bear walked in and called you out for trolling. Lets not turn this into a Snake is gay routine so You can try and foul your dad into thinking you aren't Bi. When your foot slid into my stall I was just going to piss on your shoe but felt I owed you something for the Gopher tickets.

WWWWW, what did you think of the crowd at the game?

Dawg said...

WWW- Who took the Dr. out of your Pepper? If you'd like I will challenge you to a light saber fight next time. No need for jealousy WWW.

It doesn't make you gay if you have a light saber duel in a mens room stall. It would make you gay if you just sat and stared at my light saber while we were dueling.

Dawg said...

WWW - After reviewing the box score there were a couple stats that popped out.

1) 21 Assists to 13 TO's. Almost 2-1 for the team. Kevin Payton had 6 A's in 9 minutes with only 1 TO.

2) DJ played a flawless game going 5-5 from the field, 7 boards, 3blocked shots and 3 steals. This guy appears to have benefitted the most by the coaching change. I want to change my favorite player vote from Nolen to DJ.

3) The Hoff was 4-7 from 3 point land and chipped in with 4 steals. God only knows how many deflections he had.

Snacks did you buy the white/gold or maroon Hoff jersey?

Kaylyn said...

You are correct WWWWW all chicks named Kaylyn are super super HOT. It is true.
Great Observation!

super sioux fan said...

Unfortunetly for me, I got the reinactment of what Snake did to WWW in the stall in MY bathroom later that day. After which Snake passed out on my couch and Maddog locked himself in the upstairs bathroom.

super embarrassed sioux fan said...

ps- Snake then fell into my bathtub drunk while maddog was looking for his black belt which he never found. So Snake and maddog wore matching outfits to our xmas party. Both of which were without belts. Snake's shirt was soaked and maddog looked like he stuck his hair in a vaccum.
Then maddog booed in a room full of people when snake didnt win the award he was up for. Needless to say they were both completely drunk and embarassing.

WWWWWW said...

That sounds like a pretty good party.

super sioux fan going back to the homeland this weekend said...

yeah...but not really

Anonymous said...

Super Sioux Fan, you are just upset that Snake didn't spend more time rubbing your tail when you where talking to your boss!

super sioux fan said...

Yeah, you can notch that up for another embarrassing moment created by the gruesome two some. Talk about awkward.

Snake said...

Whats really awkward is my thumb still smells and its tuesday. Get a bar of soap and some Charmin girl!