Monday, December 3, 2007

8 Reasons to Laugh at UND

I thought I would break this out in prep for this weekends Gophers vs North Dakota series. It will shed a bit more light into why the majority of the hockey world hates UND and everything related to their hockey team. Plus the Gophers still suck so I don’t want to write about them splitting with F’ing Michigan Tech.

1) One of UND’s Official School colors is Pink (that is not a joke).

2) At one time UND’s mascot was a flickertail. A flickertail is basically another type of Gopher. I think this explains all Sioux fans obsession with all things U of MN. This also shows their utter lack of creativity. Not only did they steal the people of the Dakota Nations pride but the also stole their previous mascot from the U of MN and their logos from the Chicago Blackhawks and Notre Dame. Nothing like a college promoting plagiarism. "WWWWW, You could publish your college hoops top 50 in Grand Forks and know one would care."

3) Their #1 donor to the school is a known Nazi sympathizer and they named their arena after him. No need to list this dirt bags history, just do a google search on Ralph Englestad and you will know all you need to know about the schools #1 fan. "I wonder if they would also take money from Hitler?" I am guessing "Yes" as long as he donated in cash. Here is a good link to read up on North Dakota’s biggest shit bag

4) Black Uniforms. Nothing piss’s me off more than teams that wear black uniforms. Especially a team and school that is suppose to be so rich in tradition. Schools like St. Cloud State, Mankato State, Utah State and SW Arkansas State are suppose to wear black uniforms, not teams with tradition. Stick to your school colors of Green, White and Pink. The "Kids" aren’t going to flock to the stores to buy UND apparel anyway so quit trying to be "hip".

5) School name. I know this is an obvious softball, but come on already. If the Indian Tribes and NCAA want you to change you name, just change your f’ing name. You are wasting thousands if not millions of dollars fighting for a name that means nothing. Here is an idea, take the millions of dollars you are going to spend fighting this lawsuit and put it back into your college for something useful. You also come off looking like a bunch of honkies when you defend the use of the name. I really could careless either way, I am just sick of hearing about it. It’s just a name people, let it go and change your school’s name so the rest of the midwest can have some peace and quiet. Your making my ears bleed. Honkies!

6) Green Bay Packer History lessons. Great, your cute little team has won 7 national championships. When was the last time you won again? People don’t care about titles you won in the 50's and 60's unless they where a live in the 50's. You sound like Packer fans but not as intelligent. At least the Packers have the most championships in their given sport. There are teams in UND’s own league with as many titles as they have.

7) Inferiority Complex for the U of MN. If UND was a women this would be her biggest flaw. UND’s fans have such an inferiority complex towards the University of Minnesota that even when they accomplish something they still have to compare it to something the Gophers have done and make sure everyone knows their accomplishment was just as important. UND fans have to relax and remember your school is located in America’s Arm Pit. Accept that You are always going to play second fiddle to every school you participate against, especially the U of MN. Someone out there thinks your school is beautiful, You just need to find that special someone and be happy!

8) Fans. Look at the picture at the top of this post. That sums everything up without saying a word. Until that guy is out of your fan base you have nothing to say about other teams fans. Lame-ass Flag Guy looks cool when compared with this chomo. That guy even messed up what a mullet is suppose to look like. How many little kids lives have been destroyed by that monster? Also, what in the world is his friend thinking? I don't care if my buddy saved my life, I still would not be seen in publiuc with anyone looking like that.


WWWWWW said...

Thanks for the education. I hate UND now.

Dharma Bum said...

"where a live"? The old two word typo. Good show, sir, good show indeed.

super sioux fan said...

This all coming from a self proclaimed Oshie fan.
Hey Snake where did your favorite hockey player go to college??? Your a SIOUX fan, give it up.

Walkie Talkie said...

Over and out Super Sioux Fan!