Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Holiday Tournys Start Today

And these two are a bunch of suck. The San Juan Shootout in Puerto Rico and the Rainbow Classic in Hawaii fire it up today, and really, they aren't that much to get excited about. I could have sworn the Rainbow used to be a good tournament, but this year the lineup looks like a Gopher NC schedule, except better: Hawaii, Ohio, St Johns, Georgia, LA-Lafayette, Tulane, St. Mary's, and East Tennessee State. Pretty much the only interesting thing to see here is if St. Mary's, who became a bit of a media darling after knocking off Oregon, is any good. If they are good enough to challenge Gonzaga in the WCC, they should be able to take down this tournament.

At least the Rainbow is in tournament form. The shootout has fallen so far that they only managed to invite five teams this year. Along with the host, PR-Mayaguez (the Chaminade of the tournament) DePaul, LaSalle, Clemson, and Ole Miss are making the trip. Better than the Rainbow Classic, but not even in tournament form - unless you count Round Robin as a tournament, which I don't.

Actually, with the minutes of research I've been doing, I can't find a single decent tournament. Even the one in Madison Square Garden has Hofstra, Virginia Tech, St. Johns, and Marist. Who let's those teams into a tournament in the Garden?

Oh well, at least I can watch the Gophers play in their crappy tournament. What? I can't? It's not on TV at all? Well, that makes sense. Why would you want to put Gopher games on TV - ever. You people can go to hell.

Baylor +3 @ South Carolina (W)
Memphis -14 @ Cincinnati (L)
South Florida +4 @ Wake Forest (L)
Wofford +17 @ Purdue (W)
Santa Clara +14 @ Stanford (L)
UIC -7.5 vs. Toledo (W)
Ohio -3.5 vs. St. Johns (L)
UNLV +5 vs. Arizona (W)
Morehead St -6 vs. Eastern Illinois (L)
New Mexico -8 vs. New Mex St (W)
NoCo +10.5 @ Oregon St (W)

Yesterday: 5-5
Season: 125-105


LSR said...

WWWWWWWWWWW, would it be possible to just leave the Michigan Sucks picture at the top of the blog forever???? Greatest single photo ever, make that 2nd, only behind Suzy K's below.

The Todd said...

She's got a really tight O-face.

Z. Hamilton said...

Is St. Johns in two of those tourneys or are you retarded?

The Todd - Wake up! Wrong post moron.

PJS said...

i second isr's request.

WWWWWW said...

Yes, St. J's is in both. They are 1.5 weeks apart, and I think the one in Madison Square Garden might be their own tournament.

Zendon Hamilton was the man.

Z. Hamilton said...

Yes I was the man, but neither me or my freshman running mate could even come close to being as good as Rickey Price. Just ask Coach K.

WWWWWW said...

Don't forget Charlie Miller.

Goldy said...

Nice Gopher site, Ass! Where's the Okposo news?

WWWWWW said...

Waiting on my hockey guy. I've barely even heard of him.

Hockey sucks.

lsr said...

Thank You WWWWWWWW! You just made my afternoon! I can't get the 2nd girl from the left out of my head.....little slut!