Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Johan to the Red Sox is apparently a done deal

Baseball Prospectus is reporting this is a done deal.

Jon Lester, "a centerfielder," Justin Masterson, and Ryan Kalish are heading to the Twin cities to party with Delmon Young.

I'm hoping that "a centerfielder" means Ellsbury instead of Crisp. And I had just exchanged all shares of Phil Hughes HOPE for some Jed Lowrie HOPE...looks like another foolish move on The Sidler's part.


WWWWWW said...

It better be Ellsbury. Otherwise is this trade is an absolute suck.

The Sidler said...

I have some thoughts (shocking, The Sidler with baseball thoughts) about what the trade means for the direction the team is looking to take in 2010 and beyond.

Quick rundown:

I think they are trying to mix the elements of the 2002-2004 squads with elements of the 2006 club. The first had a bunch of average and above average players whereas the 2006 team had honest-to-god stars. But the Twins can't have too many superstar-level players and they already have Mauer, Morneau, and they hope D. Young joins them. Is it more important for them to stock up on near-star players to fill as many other spots as possible?

I'm rambling and probably not making sense, but I'll have more after the deal is announced.

If this is sans-Ellsbury, I think they were stupid for not taking Hughes, Cabrera, and (random prospect) instead. But I think the Twins are PISSED at the Yanks/Hank Steinbrenner for what they believe is clear tampering and it might be a factor.

WWWWWW said...

I hate to not get Lowrie, but if it means Ellsbury + Lester with the other two guys it's worth losing out on him.

Also, it's been almost an hour and this isn't being reported anywhere else.

The Sidler said...

This better not impact my webcrush on Baseball Prospectus...

But if this happens, you can say that DownWithGoldy was the first Twin Cities outlet with the news.

I agree, Ellsbury's inclusion > Lowrie's inclusion. Guess we'll eventually find out.

WWWWWW said...

It's been over two hours with no other confirmation, I'm going to guess BP jumped the gun on this one.

Sidler said...

Just noticed they also called the Tigers-Marlins deal dead earlier in the day...so that could be the case.

Jayson Blair said...

Nice reporting, Ass!

Stephen Glass said...

I'm disappointed in the lack of creativity with this fabrication.



WWWWWW said...

Three very clever references. Must be people I don't know in real life, none of my friends are that clever.

Dawg said...

WWW- Whats up with your erect light saber for Jed Lowrie. Word has it that the guy has "hard hands" and has less range then Todd Walker. He is also hitting like Nick Punto with a .156 BA in the Arizona Fall League.

He must have led the Cape Cod League in walks last season.

chinasky said...

In case you actually wanted to win tonight:

Wash. St. +3 at Zaga
E. Wash. +36 at Kansas
Ut. St. +8 at Utah
Denver +13 at Col. St.
Iowa +11.5 at N. Iowa
SMU +5.5 at home over TCU
Xavier -11 at home over Creighton
Yougstown +9 at home over Kent St.
‘Kuse +8.5 at Virginia
Iowa St. +8.5 at Drake
‘Bama +7.5 over G’Town
Pitt -5.5 at Duquesne

Tired said...

Chinasky - If we cared about your picks, we would read your blog. We only care about W's picks.

P.S. Are you refering to Hank Chinaski?

hank said...

If I was a big enough loser like W, I would start my own blog, but I am not.

WWWWWW said...

and yet you're here every day.