Friday, December 28, 2007

We're Going to San Antonio!

Well, it's pretty clear the Gophers are on their way to the Final Four and beyond in 2008. After the 45 point win over Nicholls State (a win so thorough Travis Busch managed to score six points), there's no doubt the Gophers are the #1 team in the country.

The current #1 team, North Carolina, has also played Nicholls State. The Tarheels won by 10 AT HOME, while the Gophers won by 45 at a neutral site. Thus, the Gophers are 450% better than North Carolina. If you're curious, this means the Gophers would beat Kentucky by 40, Ohio State by 49, and Nevada by 162. And North Carolina would lose to Florida State by 63.

If you don't buy that the polls are a good representation of who is the best (and I agree), let's look at who is best mathematically, using RPI. The leader in RPI is Arizona. Well, the Gophers are pretty clearly still the best here as well. Arizona was defeated by Virginia who was defeated by Seton Hall who was beaten by St. Mary's who was beaten by Southern Illinois who beat St. Louis who beat Detroit who defeated Central Michigan who the Gophers beat by 18.

It's really quite simple.


From The Barn said...

Don't forget that Nicholls State would be well on their way to the Elite 8 as well based solely on their loss to UNC

WWWWWW said...

Well we'll see them there. And since the Gophers already beat them once, advantage: Minnesota.