Thursday, December 6, 2007

Today's Picks

We just got a new car, and it came with Satellite radio, which allows me to listen to ESPN radio. Let me just say, that Colin Cowherd is almost unlistenable, and rivals Jeff Dubay in the "fun to listen to just to hear what idiotic thing he'll say next" rankings. I don't want to regurgitate all the douchebaggery here, but my favorite had to be "Why does anybody pay attention to Jeff Sagarin's ratings? He didn't even PLAY college football!" Hey idiot, those are the only objective ratings in the whole mix, everything else is subjective and full of bias. You're a jackass.

Speaking of jackasses, here's a nice Ron Gardenhire quote, "With the Twins in search of middle-infield help, one potential target is free agent David Eckstein. "I've always had a lot of respect for him," said Minnesota manager Ron Gardenhire. "He catches the ball. He knows how to play. He's a proven winner." No, he's a proven suck. We already have plenty of guys who can't hit like Punto and Casilla. It's just to bad L-Rod is gone. The good news is that some total idiot is going to offer Eckstein $7+ million a year, and no way will the Twins pay even close to that, so we're safe. For now.

Totally crappy night of basketball tonight, but that doesn't mean I can't find some games to gamble on:

Providence -3.5 vs. South Carolina
Valparaiso +1 @ Wright State
Butler -12 @ Detroit
UW-Green Bay +1 @ Loy-Chicago
LSU +8.5 @ Villanova
Tenn Tech +1 @ East Illinois
North Colorado -1.5 vs. Bowling Green

Yesterday: 6-4
Season: 81-70

And since there's a football game tonight, I'll pick Wash -3 vs. Chicago

Last Week: 6-9
Season: 89-91-10

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I Hate Sabermetrics Or Any Other Form Of Logical Baseball Reasoning said...

Fuck you idiot! He's a gamer and would bring so many intangibles to us. You, and the rest of the nerds like you, don't like him because all of his intangibles are immeasurable. He's just a smaller version of Jeter.