Sunday, December 16, 2007

Does Brett Favre = Pete Rose?

Seriously. Think about it. Guy plays way longer than anybody else, and ends up setting every record in his sport. Hmmm. Let's look.

Pete Rose: 14,052 at bats, career leader in hits at 4,256.
Favre: 255 games, basically every career QB record.

Now, let's look at their closest competitor for these records:

Ty Cobb: 4,189 hits in 11,434 at bats. Almost 3,000 less ABs, and less than a hundred hits between them. Clearly, Cobb is a million times better than Rose (Career OPS+ = 167 to 118, and for you less educated fans, career average is .366 to .303) You have to be a complete moron to argue Rose was better than Cobb. So that much is clear. Let's look at your precious Brett Favre.

Favre: 61,405 yards, surpassing Marino at 61,361. In 242 games. Favre has played in 255 games. Almost an entire season more.

How about his touchdown record? Marino 420, Favre 438. In 8,895 attempts for Favre, in 8,358 attempts for Marino. Over three hundred attempts difference. Again, almost an entire season.

Yet everybody wants to make sweet, sweet love to Brett Favre. He's no different than Pete Rose, who is recognized as holding the record purely out of longevity.

Another comparison is their evilness. Rose gambled. Favre was (or is?) addicted to pain killers. And he's kind of a douche.

And let's not forget their "love of the game." Rose was called Charlie Hustle. You can't watch a game of Favre's without some d-bag announcer gushing about his "love of the game" and how he's "just a big kid out there." Sounds like Rose. Considering he basically ended Ray Fosse's career by bowling him over at the plate in an all-star game because "he's just so into the game."

So let's all just take a step back, and try not to be quite so in love with the great Brett Favre. Good player? Of course. Greatest of all-time? Only if you want to take longevity into it. There are an assload of quarterbacks who would have better numbers than Favre if they played as long as he has. The guy has destroyed the career games and passing attempts records. I also love how any time you try to bring up the fact that he owns the career interceptions record, "fans" bring up how he has attempted more passes than anybody. Well, guess what ass, that applies to all his records, you can't just choose the negative ones.

It really just makes me happy that I wasn't old enough to know what was going on when Rose beat Cobb's record. An all-time great player having his record beaten by a guy who just stayed around for ever and beat it simply by playing longer. What a joke. Just like Favre. Marino was a much better QB, but Favre has just been around longer. And spare me the Super Bowl winning crap. Plug in Elway, Young, or Montana instead. Or even Mark Rypien. Favre is the most overrated player ever. Other than Rose. And he's a druggie.

They're pretty much the same guy.


Dharma Bum said...

I get your point and I hate defending Farve but longevity does play a role in being great. It is better to have a player for that extra season than have to start the rotation of QB's the dolphins have had since then.

Carl said...

Favre 16 seasons.
Marino 17 seasons.

I guess you conveniently missed that statistic when you were cherry picking which stats to include in your blasphemous blog.

I believe that once Mr. Favre finally decides to walk away from the game that every team should retire his number in honor of the greatest football player and human being of all time.

The Todd said...

Hot Carl, is that you?

#4 said...

WWWWWWWWW, You are kidding right? Saying Favre sucks or overrated might be the dumbest thing ever typed on this blog. You could write "every announcer in football is an idiot for the hum-job they give favre on the air"," I hate the packers so I hate favre", "I think he's an idiot and milks the camera" or "I hate favre for the same reason I hate MJ, Tim Duncan and the red sox....they are the best and I hate winners." You have seen him play this year correct? It's not like watching V. Young play. The guy might be arguably the 3rd best QB in football this year. That really sounds like a guy who is just holding on. That being said, Favre is a complete fag!

Dr. Acula!. said...

To be a statistic, a value has to characterize a population or sample of the population. Therefore, attempts would need to be included in every numerical description to actually be a statistic.

So Farve owns a lot of "most of" records but statistically may not be the best QB of all time.

WWWWWW said...

Amen, brother.

carl said...

Dracula - Way to dazzle us by quoting the definition of statistic from your junior college text book. Go back to Translvania.

The fact that Favre has accomplished more in less time is a credit to his durability. You and WWW can try and downplay his accomplishments but its time to face the music and embrace the awesomeness that is Brett Favre.

WWW don't ever insult Mr. Favre by mentioning that hack Montana in the same sentence ever again. Montana played 15 seasons and has numbers closer to Brad Johnson rather then Brett Favre. 40,551 yds and 273 TD's. Pathetic!

Anonymous said...

You want to know who really sucked as a QB, Johny Unitas. If he wouldn't have played 18 years in the NFL we wouldn't even know who he is.

This whole argument is as stupid as the guy who thought Soward was a good WR. It's like the guys who try and argue "Snake" Jerry Rice isn't the greatest wide receiver of all time because he played with Montana/Young. Or the guy who turn around and says Montana wasn't great because he played with Rice/Taylor/Craig.

Could you please list the ass load of QB's who would have the same statistics if they played as many seasons. I would love to see this list.

Also, "lets leave Super Bowl Titles out of the argument." We sure don't want to figure something as silly as winning into this conversation. Let me guess, winning games as a QB is a meaningless stat. Also, Montana played 1 year less than Favre. Idiot!

Sidler said...

I don't have the Favre hatred of true Minnesotans, but Brett putting up league average at worst seasons prior to this year puts him above the Rose comparison.

Charlie Hustle had a sweet .319 SLG in 119 games as a 1b in 1985 and had a sub .350 SLG five of his last six seasons. Favre's worst years can't come close to being that bad when you figure in how bad so many QBs are in today's NFL.

One thing is certain--both LOVE to play the game.

Anonymous said...

Hey safermetricians, shut up. There is more to playing QB than putting up great passing stats, but you dorks wouldn't understand that because you can't quantify all the tools that make a QB great. I suppose you idiots are going to try to convince us that Manning is better than Brady.

P.S. The Bear loved Soward (who was good in college), he never said Soward was going to be a 1st round pick, he never said he was going be a star, he never even said he would be a decent NFL player, he just liked him as a player. Now if we replaced "The Bear" with "Dawg, and replaced "Soward" with "Miles Tarver" everything written above would be applicable.

P.P.S. W, pretty impressive, actual vicodin pills.

Anonymous said...

Teddy Bear - Quit referring to yourself in 3rd person. You sound like a jack ass.

PS Can you please enlighten us as to what exactly a safermetrician is?

Is it kind of like sabermetrician?

Dr. Acula!. said...

FYI Carla. I was not disputing if Farve is good, great, outstanding, or not. What I was doing was arguing how the statistics are interperted.

Carl said...

You said he was not statistically the greatest quarterback of all time. I pointed out that he played one more season then Montana and threw 165 more TDs. He has played 1less season then Marino.

PS. How many times did you get your ass kicked in school for calling yourself Dracula?

Dr. Acula!. said...

In reference to your above post:
I never said, "he was not statistically the greatest quarterback of all time". I said he, "statistically may not be the best QB of all time". I chose not to analyze whether he is or is not because I don't really give a damn.

In summary:
Your inability to interpert what you read (as well as read it correctly) makes you sound like an ass.

WWWWWW said...

Yeah. I'm going to have to go ahead and agree with Dr. A here.

Carl said...

Dracula- Well eveybody knows what a statistic is so I guess your worthless 2 cents is not needed here. You can get back to recess and play with your little friends Frankenstein and Werewolf.

Let the grown ups talk about sports.

WWWWWW said...

Carl - your material is a solid F.

Anonymous said...

WWWWWWW- That grade is being extremely kind!

Carl said...

Sorry - I get defensive of my guy #4. When a couple of sackless losers like yourself and Count Chocula try to rob him of his place in history as the greatest quarterback of all time then I feel the need to attack.

I will try to bring a touch of class to my posts. Even though Dracula reminds me of my 5 year old neighbor kid I should not make fun of his ridiculous screen name.

WWWWWW said...

Please just stop posting.

Frankin Berry Cereal said...

Brett Farve is the single greatest QB ever.

PS. Nice name DR. Gaybar

Frankin Berry Cereal said...

Brett Farve is the single greatest QB ever.

PS. Nice name DR. Gaybar

Anonymous said...

Hey Boo-Berry, it wasn't funny the first time. You could have saved us from reading it a 2nd.

P.S. You don't need to double click the "Publish Your Comment Button" retard!

Frankin berry-not Boo berry said...

nice one snake, you homo

Anonymous said...

I totally agree man fuck Brett. What a fag. Thank you for making this blog

Anonymous said...

I totally agree man fuck Brett. What a fag. Thank you for making this blog