Saturday, December 22, 2007


Decent bounceback day, going 4-3 plus hitting the bowl game.

Also, I'd just like to say that Superbad is completely and totally awesome, in every way. Go rent it.

Memphis -4 vs. Georgetown (W)
UCSB +22 @ North Carolina (L)
Valpo +12 @ Wisconsin (W)
Purdue -8 vs. Iowa St
Cleveland St -3 vs. Central Michigan (W)
Providence -3.5 vs. Florida St (W)
Washington -13 vs. CS-Northridge (W)
Niagara -4 vs. Marist (W)
Florida +6 @ Ohio St (L)
VCU +4.5 @ Bradley (W)
Alabama -1.5 vs. Missouri St (W)
Clemson -3 vs. Ole Miss (L)
Eastern Wash +4.5 vs. Portland St
St. Mary's -6.5 vs. Ohio

Yesterday: 4-3
Season: 137-121 Bowl: Cincinnati -11.5 vs. So Miss
New Mexico Bowl: New Mexico -2.5 vs. Nevada
Las Vegas Bowl: BYU -6.5 vs. UCLA

Bowls: 1-1


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