Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday Picks

Another crappy day. Take heart, holiday tournaments get fired up in a week and a half. Also, I encourage you to visit this link to find out how many five year olds you could take in a fight. I could take 23.

Tenn-Martin -3 @ Morehead State (L)
Wofford +17.5 @ Alabama (W)
North Colorado +23.5 @ Gonzaga (W)
Portland -3 @ East Washington (L)
Tulane -5.5 vs. Indiana St (W)
Illinois -22.5 vs. Western Carolina (W)
Santa Clara -6.5 vs. Montana (W)

Yesterday: 1-0
Season: 115-98

1 comment:

The Todd said...

22, but I'm pretty sure I could take on 30.