Wednesday, December 26, 2007

There was a Point

Well, it's pretty clear that I was drinking heavily when I wrote that last post, as it started with a pretty clear point and got more and more rambling and incoherent as the night went on.

The point was that it is going to truly and epically suck if Santana gets traded and there's no Ellsbury involved, or the Yanks don't sweeten the offer. That is all.

Only one game tonight, but things get rolling again tomorrow.

Louisville -23.5 vs. Morehead State

Sunday: 2-0
Season: 149-125


Anonymous said...

Is there any chance you can let the readers at DWG know how much alcohol you actually consume during the holiday season? (12/21 - 1/2)

US Surgeon General said...

Degenerate alcoholics or professional drinkers as they like to be called, dont often keep track. I am sure he drinks as much as he can to keep from thinking how much he ate.

Dawg said...

WWWW - What is this world coming to? Carlos Silva get a 4 year deal worth 48 mill and Mark Prior signs a 1 year deal for 1 mill with the Padres.

Why weren't the Twins all over this? I know he hasn't done jack since 2003 but in the games he has played his numbers look very similiar to Silva. He has tremendous upside, whereas Silva will always be a 4+ ERA and is incapable of being dominate.

This reaks of when the Twins passed on the Big Hurt 2 seasons ago because of health issues. When you are the Twins and superstar talent presents itself at rock bottom prices it is always worth the risk.

snacks said...

Prior signed with the Padres for dirt cheap because he is from the area, I doubt he would have even considered coming to the Twins.

Dawg said...

Maybe he wouldn't have signed for 1mill but he might have signed her for 2 or 3 mill in guranteed money.

I am not saying he would have signed with the Twins but I'm suprised that we didn't even try to sign him (at least not publicly).

Instead we signed Craig Monroe to a year deal worth 3.82 mill., Mike Lamb to a 2 yr 6.6 mill and Adam Everett to a year 2.8 mill.

Thats almost 10 mill wrapped up in 3 giant pieces of shit for next year.

Punto's & Everett's Little Cranks said...

Dawg - Don't forget that the Twins wasted 3.1M on R. Ortiz last year and 5M over the last 2 years on RoWhite. I agree w/ you, should have rolled the dice on Prior, probably could have signed him for 1.75M.

A. McPhail said...

It's nice to see that T.Ryan is gone and the little team that could is still run the same way. At least Smith is playing hard ball with the big boys over Santana!

Even rolling the dice for $2.5 on Prior with a club option and incentives would have been worth the risk. Hello 4th place in the central!

Dawg said...

Go to and vote for Bert to finally get into the Hall of Fame. Unfortunately there is nothing official about the vote but it could sway some of the meat heads that are able to vote in favor of Blyleven.

PS WWWW when I did a google search for Craig Monroe's 2008 salary DWG was the first hit. Congrats.

NP's & AE's LCs said...

Sorry Dawg, can't do it. I hate everything Dutch. I know Bert was infamous for giving up HR's, but I had no idea he gave up 96 of them in 2 seasons, 86 & 87.

J. Morris said...

Lets face it, Bert is 13 or so wins away from the hall "o" fame. Sucks for Bert, but he should have pitched better.

I hope he doesn't hold the last comment against me so I can still get circled at the games! That bit alone should keep him out of the hall!

Plus, Black Jack Morris should be in the hall before Bert's 82 mile per hour arm.

Dawg said...

He has a career ERA of 3.31. He has 60 shutouts, 242 Complete Games and most importantly 3701 k's.

In 1973 he had an ERA of 2.52 and somehow wound up with 17 losses. His ERA in 1974 was 2.66 and he also had 17 losses.

If he would have had league average run support he would have at least 320 wins and he would have been a first time ballot shoe in.

Wins is the one thing a pitcher can't control. If his team doesn't hit they won't win. Things he can control like ERA, K's and WHIP (thats for you Snake) Bert dominated. He also had a marquee pitch that is still talked about today (mostly by Dick Bremer).

Vote for Bert!

J. Morris said...

Bert should have struck out more guys and lowered his era a bit more in 73 and 74 so he had 300 WWWWWWWWWWWW's. Bert was never considered the best pitcher in a decade, Morris was in the 80's. The flying dutchman also pitched for nearly 30 years to get those numbers. He is the Brett Favre/ Pete Rose of pitching statistics! Bert couldn't hold Jack's jock. WHIP that then circle it D-bag!

Vote Jack in 08!