Friday, February 22, 2008

Badger Hunting

Sadly the Gopher hockey team is back in action this weekend after mercifully getting a bye last weekend. Bucky Badger comes to Mariucci for this weekends series. This series could have less scoring than the Gophers vs Sioux series 2 weeks ago. Right now I am putting the over/under for total goals in the series at 3.5 and putting my entire pay check on the under.

The most exciting thing about this coming weekend is WWWWWWW will be taking in his first ever Gopher hockey game. I received a voicemail from WWWWW while he was in New Jersey telling me how much he was looking forward to the game. For a guy who claims to hate hockey WWWWWWW sure was excited. Keep it in your pants WWWWWW only 10 hours until the puck drops.

Wisconsin heads into this series on a bit of a hot streak. The have moved up to #10 in the polls, are in the top half of the WCHA and have worked their way into NCAA consideration. The biggest reason for Wisconsin’s resurgence is their improved play on Defense. Wisconsin is back to its old ways of playing tight D and relying on counter attacks for goals. This is the reason I am predicting a 3 to 4 goal explosion for the entire weekend. Wisconsin is still led by Freshmen Kyle Turris who now has 29 points in 28 games. Turris was drafted 3rd overall by the Coyotes in last summers NHL draft. Junior Ben Street leads Wisconsin in goals with 12 and Turris’s line mate Patrick Johnson is third on the team in scoring with 19 points.

I really have no interest in breaking down what the gophers need to do this weekend. Basically score more than 1 goal per game and continue playing good defense. It looks like Jay Barriball will not be playing this weekend because of the ankle injury he sustained in the Friday night game in Denver. There is an outside chance he could play, but all signs are he will rest another week. If you want more of a preview just read one of the previous hockey posts.

Edit 10:31 AM. Lucia just said Barriball should play this weekend. With only three goals this year I am not sure if that is good news or not? I guess anything is better than watching The Todd's guy Schack play.

How pathetic are the Gophers at scoring goals this season??? This all but sums things up. The Gophers are currently tied for last in the WCHA in scoring with Alaska F'ing Anchorage???? How is that possible??? The Gophers power play has dropped to last in the league and they are now scoring at below a 10% clip on said power play. To make things worse "if that is possible" the Gophers now sit in 9th place in the league. Maybe Garth Snow was right? "Bring back Woog!"

My prediction for the weekend is actually a Gopher sweep. They have everything to play for and if they want any chance of making the NCAA tournament they need to get two wins this weekend. Gophers win 2-1 Friday night and 1-0 Saturday and hockey Jesus (Kangas) takes 1 more step towards becoming hockey god.

P.S. WWWWWW, the question Moma W should have asked is "why do they call it the barn yard and 8 racists dress up like Gorilla’s for every game?" I now want to beat the Gorillas more than flag guy. Nice fans!


yeah right said...

A sweep? hahahhahahahhahhahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahha are you out of your damn mind? Wishful thinking snake, wishful thinking. Unfortunetly for you and your precious gophers Dawg will also be attending tonights blood bath and the gophers are 0-2 with him being there. Snake I am not sure what your ratio is but I am sure it is not good.
Kangas is a fag

Jesus said...

Yeah Right (A.K.A.Moma Sioux), Do you kiss your daughter good night with that mouth?

Anonymous said...

what happened to the D-bag that writes the golf sht?

Shocked and Appalled said...

That was a woman who wrote that foul mouthed post??? Clean your mouth woman. What is this world coming to???

par for the course said...

If she is a North Dakota Sioux lover I am sure she kissed her daughter with it and just tried to not have the cherry of her freshly lit Virginia Slim fall off on her face. Soon after that I am sure she broke out the sheet and pillow case and went up to the local KKK rally. Stay classy btch.

Dawg said...

WWWW - Please get the Todd back doing hockey previews. Snake mailed in the last preview. He is now going with the see previous posts to for a preview. What a lazy sack of Frazee.

#2 He set the total goals this weekned at 3.5 and bet his pay check on the under. I mean what a complete dufus. The worst hockey mind of all time.

#3 He is a bigger homer then Wooger.

#4 He can't skate for Christs Sake! I would say being able to skate at a 3rd grade level should be the minimum requirements for writing a hockey blog.