Friday, February 29, 2008

Gophers vs. Buckeyes, again. Yawn

The last home game of the season is coming up tomorrow, and thank god the season is pretty much over. I am looking forward to a home NIT game or two, because it's always fun to see teams like Wake Forest, Cal, or Ole Miss. Seriously, have you seen what has happened to Ole Miss? They started off the season 13-0, including a win over Clemson, and were ranked in the top 15. Since SEC play started, they have gone 5-9, with one of those wins over Presbyterian, a non-D1 opponent. They just lost by 20 to last place LSU. So that whole promising start is now looking like an NIT bid. Sad.

Anyway, Ohio State comes to the Barn desperately needing this win to solidify a shot at an NCAA berth. If nothing else, the Gophers can be a spoiler and try to help kill the Buckeyes hopes.

I wrote last time these two teams played that Jamar Butler wasn't a true point guard and that the Gophers would win in Columbus. I'm an idiot. Butler is having a killer season, leading the Buckeyes with 14.1 points, 6.3 assists, and a 2.4 assist to TO ratio, and the idiot Gophers got killed by 16 as Butler had 27 and 9.

Ohio State has lost three in a row, and has dropped games at Michigan and Iowa. This clearly means that they are a suck of a road team. The Gophers are sometimes kind of sort of decent at home. Seriously, I have no idea how to pick this game. I have a feeling that a focused, goal-oriented Ohio State team is going to be able to handle a bunch of idiots with little idea of what they're doing. Ohio State 71, Minnesota 67.



Dawg said...

WWWWW- You have been on a hot streak every since you posted the ugliest college coeds in the history of college. The bonus picture was genius also.

PS Cheer up, the gophers have had a solid season. They will finish with about 19 wins and thats a very respectable year. They weren't an NCAA team from the get go. Its your own fault for getting a Tubby Chubby and thinking they had a shot at the NCAA.

PPS Have fun at the meat raffle on Saturday.

PPPS Give the little gay meat raffle guy from the Knight Cap a pat on his sloppy bottom from me.

snacks said...

The Gophers aren't going to make it to the NIT. The bids will all go to the small conference schools that didn't win their conference tournaments through the new auto bids, and to major and mid-major schools that are much better than the gophers.

The gophers are 102 in the RPI and when they lose their last three will be even lower.

No NCAA. No NIT. Sorry.

Dr. Acula!. said...

Picture at the top = sub-par. Bonus picture = mediocre.

More hot, less clothing.

WWWWWW said...

Snacks - that post is really god damn depressing.

Dr. A - you try to do better.

Dawg said...

The auto bids for small conferences are just for the teams that were the regular season champs and then lost the conference tournament. How often does that happen?

If we don't make the NIT then we will make the CBI or College Basketball Invitational. This tournament will actually be in competition for teams with the NIT. They are about revenue which means they will probably let the NIT have American University and their 400 fans.

Like I said WWWW cheer up the gophs had a pretty solid year. Next year will be better regardless because of all the fresh new faces. Especially Devoe, I want to kiss him on the mouth.

WWWWWW said...

It actually happens pretty often Dawger. Here's what Snacks emailed me as well:

[i]Major teams above the Gophers in the RPI:
Missouri, UTEP, Nebraska, Akron, Utah, Bradley, Miami, St. Louis, Utah St., NC State, Cal, Georgia Tech, Temple, Oklahoma State, Cincinnati, Wake, Nevada, Arizona State, Wright State, George Mason, florida State, San Diego State, Seton Hall, Rhode Island, Houston, Villanova, Texas Tech, Oregon, Ohio, New Mexico, Western Kentucky, Creighton, Mississippi, Oral Roberts, Southern Illinois, Dayton
And these are teams with essentially no chance of making the tournament. Add in 10 small conference regular season champs who don't get their leagues auto bids, and 10-15 teams that are currently considered bubble teams and the Gophers have little to no shot, especially if they drop these last three.
I've been saying all year that the Gophers probably won't make the NIT while everyone seems to assume it’s a given if they miss the NCAA's.[/i]

Also, can you find any information about the CBI? I heard about it, but I can't find any actual concrete info on it.

Dawg said...


The first link tells you the format in which they select teams and a mock tournament from last year had there been a tournament.

snacks said...

If this CBI thing actually exists, then the Gophers probably will get to play some post-season ball. I, for one, would rather the season ends so we can start moving forward to next year than watch them put up another pathetic effort in the post season.

As for the small conference thing, I looked up last year's NIT teams and it looked like there were about 10 teams that qualified under that rule