Wednesday, February 6, 2008

PGA to Pebble Beach

I'm very pleased to introduce you to our new PGA blogger, Grand Slam. For some reason he doesn't want to actually register on here, I think because he's not smart enough to figure it out, but that's ok, he's still a hell of lot smarter than you are about golf. Here's his maiden effort:


With the #1 player in the world taking a week off to travel overseas for his ritual trip to play in Dubai, the 2008 FBR Open field was wide open. With fan and local favorite Phil Mickelson in the field, the #2 player in the world was looked at as one of the major favorites. With plenty of defending champions in the field as well as the crazed 16th hole, who ever came out on top this week would have earned it. Come sunday afternoon that would appear to be no farther than the absolute truth.

Halfway through the 4th and final round, the 54 hole leader JB Holmes had blown a 4 shot lead letting the rest of the field back in the tournament. No one took more advantage of the situation more than former ASU standout Phil Mickelson. Coming into the final round with a 4 shot deficit, Mickelson knew he would have to go low. With putting woes all day long, Mickelson still managed to shoot a closing 67 and have a one shot lead when he finished. Holmes came to the 18th, a hole he had not birdied all week long needing one to force a playoff with Mickelson. His approach shot came within 13 feet of the hole, and would go on to drain that to force extra holes.

The playoff began on the 18th hole where Holmes would rocket a 359 yard drive straight down the middle of the fairway. Both players would hit their approaches on the green(Mickelson-28 feet, Holmes- 8 feet). After Mickelson nearly drained a 28 footer, all Holmes had was an 8 footer that probably looked about 40 feet for his 2nd career PGA Tour victory. Holmes walked up calmly and made the putt for his 2nd victory in 3 years at the FBR. Mickelson, who finished 2nd, had alot of encouraging words for Holmes after the tournament saying "Starting the day, i would have gladly taken getting into a playoff, but I've got to give J.B. a lot of credit for birdieing the last hole and birdieing it again in the playoff. That's pretty impressive golf."

Next week the Tour will travel to beautiful Pebble Beach for the 2008 Pebble Beach National Pro-Am. This has always been one of the tour's favorite stops, however it has also been one of the worst weather weeks as well. With the likes of celebrities such as Kevin Costner, Kenny G, and George Lopez to help continue making this tournament one of the more profitable tournaments on tour, this week is sure to be a blast. The past years winners have been dominated by superstars such as Mickelson winning twice, Tigers miracle win in 2000, and DL III's two wins in the last 8 years, i look for the trend to continue this year. Coming off a playoff loss last week at
the FBR, Mickelson is my pick to win his 3rd AT&T title in the last 4 years.
- Grand Slam

Well done, and welcome to the DWG team Grand Slam. I only have one question: Who the hell is George Lopez?


jimmy said...

too long

Anonymous said...

How about some real insite!
You pick Phil to win?
How about another contender?
And we all knew what happen at the
FBR it happened last week.

We expected more said...

I always thought WWWW prided himself and usually rudely scrutinized others on their grammar and punctuation. Is this your wife writing this column? If I wanted the Golf Digest regurgitation of what happened and who the odds on favorite was in the next event I would subscribe to the magazine. How about some thoughts on Phil wearing a body hugging shirt and not looking too busty? How about a take on JB puking on himself on 15 by fanning a 3 iron into the water when he would not have had that problem if he wouldn’t have pussed out by hitting 3 wood from the tee. I mean seriously the guys miss is a huge cut, water left, just hit the driver wedge and let Phil leave early to catch the last flight to Vegas so he can get his bets down. Can’t wait for the Golf Magazine preview of the Hope. BTW George Lopez is a comedian and the host of this weeks event.

WWWWWW said...

I stand by Grand Slam. We're working on more funny and more personalization.

Theory said...

Pretty good first post. Decent recap of previous tournament.

Mickelson has some serious man-boobs.

It's sad said...

So wife then...Can't wait for the blow by blow of how #7 is the most picturesque hole on the course and how the winner plays 16, 17 and 18 on the final day will most likely be the reason they are the winner. I guess I will just keep listening to Jim Nantz until things are up to par. See what I did there I used a golf reference while discribing what I would do.

WWWWWW said...

Dude. Relax. It's his first ever post on here.

grandslam said...

That's cool its just a bunch of un-intelligent idiots who don't wanna hear any serious recaps....that's fine, its just like fine will get better with age.

WWWWWW said...

Amen, brother.

Anonymous said...

Grand Slam, Don't lump all readers together. It is just one un-intellogent idiot.

Anonymous said...

how about we just throw the bottle of wine out the window and drink something else.