Monday, February 4, 2008

I Don't Even Like Basketball Anymore

I've been trying to summon the strength to recap yesterday's debacle against the hated Badgers, and I just can't do it. My will to be a fan is waning. I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise, they haven't won a single game where they were the underdog, at least not in the Big Ten. At least they have been beating the teams they are supposed to, but I miss the Gopher teams that would knock off superior opponents at Williams. Maybe next year.

Just a thorough ass-kicking. Why does Dan Coleman always disappear against good teams? Why does Al Nolen keep turning the ball over? What is the deal with McKenzie? Why did Tubby use a lineup of DJ, Jon Williams, Nolen, Hoffbauer, and Shamala in the first half? Why couldn't anybody stop Trevon Hughes from getting to the rim? Why can't Shamala move fast enough to stop Brian Butch from breaking the press using the dribble? Why does Travis Busch wear a shooting sleeve? Why do fans constantly have to bitch about the refereeing every time their team loses, and think there's some kind of conspiracy? Stupidity? Homerism? Inferiority complex?

The questions are endless. The answers are maddening. I can't take it, I just can't take it.

At least the faggy Patriots lost, so the day wasn't a complete ruin.

Marquette -3.5 vs. Louisville
St Joe's -4.5 vs. Villanova
Gonzaga +3 @ St. Mary's
Kansas -18 vs. Missouri
Yesterday: 2-1
Season: 285-254

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Dawg said...

WWW - Don't give up on this squad quite yet. They finally have cupcakes the next 3 games (@ NW then home against Iowa and Illinois). We may be riding a 3 game winning streak when we roll into Mad-Town.

I agree they don't have to players to be any kind of real threat this year but the NCAA is not completely out of the question. Hopefully we will get our resume win in Mad-Town.