Thursday, February 7, 2008


I got nothin', so here the picks of the day and an awesome basketball highlight video:

USC pk @ Washington (W)
Clemson -3.5 @ Virginia (W)
Rhode Island +3 @ UMass (W)
Western Kentucky -5.5 @ North Texas (W)
Xavier -9 @ St Louis (L)
Indiana -4 @ Illinois (P)
UCSB -3 vs. CS-Fullerton (P)
Oregon +9 @ Stanford (L)
Cal -16 vs. Oregon State (L)
Pitt -2.5 vs. West Virginia (L)
UCLA -2 @ Washington State

Yesterday: 6-6
Season: 297-277


ek dawg said...

Why did they ever move the 3-point line from 11 1/2 feet? Just think, HoffBauer would shoot 90% from 3 in the BelAir High Gym.

Also, I think that's the same gym Teen Wolf played in.

K. Love said...

See how that works, doofus. Easy money.

WWWWWW said...

Thanks Kevin.