Tuesday, February 19, 2008

And here we go

Alright, so I had three drinks (absolut/tonic) with dinner (filet mignon, caesar salad), another at the bar, and have a few in my room, so I might as well type things because otherwise I get bored.

- I'm sitting here watching Kentucky kick the piss out of Georgia, and why not, I picked Georgia. The gambling gods have not been kind lately. I can't even tell you how many games I've lost by 1 or .5 points. Example: last night, we have Syracuse +10.5 vs. Louisville. It's a pretty tight game most of the way, but Louisville makes a bit of a run towards the end to make it dicey. With 10 seconds left, the Cuse miss a shot down 9, and decide not to foul. Well, instead of Louisville letting the clock run out, they chuck it down court for a meaningless dunk. Meaningless in game terms, but it takes the margin of victory from 9 to 11 and a win to a loss for us. This is happening all the time lately. I swear it's not happening in our favor, at all.

- At least the under in the Iowa/NW game looks good. It's 7-3 with under 10 left in the first half. What a crapfest. That god I don't have teh option to watch that game here.

- I don't even know one player on Georgia. Does Levi Stukes still play there?

- Answer: No. And looking at their roster, the only guy whose name I recognize is Sundiata Gaines. Man, sometimes I wish I did actual research before picking games.

- I swear Patrick Patterson (of Kentucky) is like 30 years old. He's like Danny Almonte. Or Lebron James.

- So I have to go watch a hockey game on Friday. $nake is making me. It will be my first ever Gopher hockey game. I've been to a couple Wild games, but they were with my former employer, on the company dime, and we mostly just drank the whole time. I also went to a North Stars game a long time ago. That was fun. We bought a bunch of mini-sticks and started playing knee hockey in my parents' basement when they weren't home. Broke a lot of shit. Was fun though.

- Another attendee of the big hockey game on Friday will be the guy who once grabbed Goldy Gopher at a game and started punching him. He's kind of a hero of mine.

- If you're wondering where Ryan Amoroso (Burnsville kid) ended up after transferring from Marquette, it's San Diego State. I actually almost went there, but stayed close to home for my high school girlfriend. Thanks Whore!

- The McDonalds All-American Rosters are out. No Gophers of course, which is fine. The only one of these guys I've seen play is Iman Shumpert, heading to Georgia Tech. Somehow one night I caught a high school game on one of the Myriad Fox Sports Channels I get, heard his name, and decided to keep watching. Really not very impressed. Of course, I also saw Tayshaun Prince play in the McD's game and thought he'd get broken in half and transfer within the year to a smaller school. I'm not exactly the world's best talent evaluator.

- Speaking of the World's best talent, how about Rico Tucker? Aside from getting his coach fired, which From the Barn attributes to not utilizing Rico's talents (see, I'm not the only one here people), he's having a solid year. Third on the team in points and leading in steals and assists, while shooting a solid 75% from the line. Sure, he leads the team in turnovers and is only shooting 28% from three, but when you have to do everything for your team, those things happen. Ask Allen Iverson. When he plays more than 33 minutes, Pepperdine is undefeated. When he doesn't start, the Waves are 1-7, with that only win vs. something called Hope Academy. They are 4-2 when he scores more than 15 points, and their 5-16 when he doesn't. Rico Tucker = the Allen Iverson of college basketball.

- NW/Iowa 17-15 at half. Are they testing out no shot clock games?

- Nevermind. Combined shooting is 11-44. 25%. Great teams here.

- Whoever showed me the trick where you fill the sink in your hotel room up with ice and keep your beer in there should be recognized as a hero. I just don't remember who it was.

- Dan Coleman has scored in single digits in only 7 games this year. Pretty good, right? Doesn't seem right. Every single one of those games though, other than the games against Central Michigan and Cal-Riverside, which don't matter at all, was a game where he needed to step up. Florida State, twice against Michigan State, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Rebounds in those games (the ones that mattered): 5,2,3,4,3. Not to mention the 10 point/1 rebound performance against Wisconsin. Dude just disappears when they need him. I don't know, maybe I'm too hard on Coleman. It's certainly possible.

- Wow, Baylor chokes away what would have been a big win over Oklahoma on the road by fouling on a three pointer, up three, with ten seconds left. Oklahoma makes the free throw, but fouls, and Curtis Jerrels misses both free throws with 1 second left to lose by 1. I like Baylor a lot, but they seem to blow every big chance. Huge game with massive tournament implications. Both OU and Baylor are listed as "work left to do" to get into the tournament on ESPN's Bubble Watch. Gophers not included.

- NW and Iowa have really turned it on. 49-45 Iowa with 3:21 to go. That easy under win has turned a bit interesting. Not the good kind.

- At 104 with 19 seconds left. Please no overtime.

- Finished at 53-51 iowa. How fun would that game have been to watch?

- This sucks. I'm sitting here with nothing to do, and there's no late game. It should be mandatory that every single night of the week the Pac 10, WCC, Big West, WAC, or Mountain West have a late game. And it's on TV. Think of the poor business travelers people.

- I'm going to have to miss the Michigan game Thursday, due to traveling. But I'll tell you what happens. The Gophers come out flat, and DeShawn Sims destroys them in the first half (not Manny Harris because L-Dub shuts him down.) Down by 9 at half, the Gophers make a run to start the second half and cut it to two at one point, place goes crazy. Then Minnesota does a bunch of stupid idiotic crap and the Wolverines capitalize and end up winning 71-65. Book it.

- Speaking of Wolverines, go vote in the poll to the right.

- Georgia somehow manages to only lose by 6, leading to a 5-1 night. Maybe the tide is turning. I doubt it.

- For tomorrow: VCU -3.5, Charolotte -1.5, Cincy -7.5, WVU -1.5, Butler -4, Wisconsin -1.5, K State -3, Duke -7

- I should probably have more to say but I'm tired and have a big important meeting tomorrow and it's 11:34. Wow. Only 11:34. I should be embarrassed. Please accept this picture of Heidi Klum as Jessica Rabbit as an apology.

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