Saturday, February 2, 2008

Groundhog Day

Happy Groundhog day. Celebrate by watching the greatest movie of all time. A really good way to find out if somebody you're just meeting is worth your time is to ask them if they like the movie Groundhog Day. If they say no, you just punch that person in the face and move on.

What was weird was last night I was looking for something to watch, and ended up watching the last 8 minutes or so of the Gopher v. North Dakota hockey match. Weird, I know. I've never been so bored in my life. It was a lot like watching soccer. I do know that the Gophers got a power play with like 5 minutes left in a 1-1 game and didn't even get a shot off, and that RJ Anderson is like, horrible at hockey.

Honestly, the whole 8 minutes was pretty much the two teams alternating not getting shots and turning it over (if that's a thing in hockey) with lots and lots of icing mixed in. There's a reason everybody turns icing off when they play video game hockey, it's really god damn boring.

And then the god damn thing goes to overtime, which of course I feel the need to watch since I've already invested about 10 minutes of my life into this. And the overtime was about three minutes of the North Dakota team attacking the net until some dude scored a pretty incredible goal by batting the puck out of the air. It would have been over sooner but that Kangas guy is a decent goalie. I bet that drunk Frazee wouldn't have even gotten them to overtime.

In conclusion, the Gophers suck and can't run a power play or play defense for shit. Also, hockey is boring.

Georgia Tech -4 vs. Maryland (L)
UCONN -3.5 vs. Pitt (W)
Washington State -5 vs. Stanford (L)
Purdue +5 @ Illinois (W)
UNLV -6 vs. New Mexico (W)
Utah State -4 vs. Nevada (W)
Tennessee PK @ Miss State (W)
Texas A&M -7 vs. Oklahoma (W)
Marquette -2 @ Cincinnati (W)
Georgia -2 vs. Kentucky (L)
VA Tech -4.5 vs. Virginia (W)
Kansas State -5 @ Missouri (L)
Cal +3 @ Washington (W)
Baylor +7 @ Texas (L)
Syracuse/Villanova UNDER 151 (L)
Arizona +9 @ UCLA (L)
Northern Colorado -3.5 @ Sac State (L)
Northern Iowa -2 vs. Southern Illinois (W)
USC -7.5 vs. Arizona State (W)

Thursday: 4-7
Season: 272-255


The Todd said...

How dare you? I'm gonna guess you weren't drunk as that is the key to watching Gopher hockey this year.

K. Love said...

Seriously, are you mentally retarded? It seems that any time you bet on our games, you always bet against us. When are you going to learn, we are really good, better than Memphis good.