Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Never got a chance to post this, but this was today's card. We took out one of our biggest clients tonight and got shlockered off scotch and what not. Good night. Free too.

VCU -3.5 (W)
Charolotte -1.5 (L)
Cincy -7.5 vs. South Florida (L)
WVU -1.5 (L)
Butler -4 (W)
Wisconsin -1.5 (W)
K State -3 (L)
Duke -7 (L)
Drexel/Will & Mary UNDER 120 (W)
UNC/NC State OVER 153 (W)
Auburn/Tenn OVER 155 (W)
Fordham/St Louis UNDER 116 (L)
Wisconsin/Illinois UNDER 118 (L)
Pacific -2 (L)
Cal Poly -1.5 (W)
BYU -7.5 (W)

Eh, 7-8. Unimpressive.

Also, I don't know where Grand Slam's golf post is. He's supposed to email it to me, and yet, I don't have it. Hopefully we can get it tomorrow early.


Anonymous said...

WWWW- Thanks for killing this blog. It was way better when you were out of town.

WWWWWW said...

Thanks for the tip.

poop arm said...

WWWW- You suck worse then Grand Slam, Nick Punto and Kevin Payton put together.