Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Three quick baseball notes:

1. There's some Twins chatter buried in the post below this one (the Williamson one) that I recommend taking a look at if you're a Twins fan.

2. I heard on the radio that Phil Humber gave up four runs to Concordia-St Paul today. I don't know how many innings he pitched, but it was a six inning scrimmage, so probably 1-2. ERA of between 18.00 - 36.00 against Concordia. TAKE THAT NEW YORK.

3. Baseball America released their list of the Top 100 Prospects. Of note: #35 Deolis Guerra and #52 Carlos Gomez. That's it for the whole Twins' system.


Anonymous said...

I think it's funny that #20 is still a member of the Mets.

The Sidler said...

Dude, Concordia used aluminum bats.

Sorry, that's the best my excuse computer had.

This is going to be a long season. At least we didn't have to hear how some kid from Concordia was dealin', as Torii Hunter likes to say.

Anonymous said...

Look at all the Red Sox prospects on that list.

P.S. I'm watching "Twins Classics" and I'm reminded of how much I hate Bremer & Blyleven. On a positive note, at least that jackass didn't make it to the Hall, again. Tiffe sucks!