Monday, February 25, 2008


Let me first start by saying that this movie is not one that I would generally tell people about. Its too risky. Its a sci-fi/action flick that appeals to a relatively small group of people. Plus the opinions will be polarized. Either love it or hate it.

My movie recommendations have been flawless since college (in college I couldn't believe that everybody didn't think Woody Allen was funny). I've learned from my mistakes and have steered clear of recommending sci-fi's and comedies in general.

For the record I really enjoyed this movie. It stars Darth Vader (Hayden Christenson),Summer "Sweet Bottom" Roberts (Rachel Bilson) and Mace Windu (Samuel Jackson). Eveybody knows this much but they may not realize that its directed by Doug Liman (Swingers, Go, Bourne Identity). In college I think Bogart once told WWW this elaborate lie about how there was going to be a Swingers Sequel. WWWW bit on it hook, line and sinker. Bogart was/is a jackass.

This may be hard to imagine but Darth (Hayden) and Mace Windu(Samuel) turn out to be enemies once again. Darth is a Jumper which means he can appear any place that he can imagine. Mace Windu is whats called a Palladin. Jumpers and Palladins are sworn enemies. Like me and Dane Cook/Family Guy. Which is fine but the Jumpers don't know why Palladins are always up in their business like Glen Close from Fatal Attraction. Mace (Sam) is always saying some religious bull spit right before he attempts to kill a Jumper. This easiest way to explain this is Jumpers are like free spirited Americans and Palladins are like Muslims on a Jihad trying to suck the fun out of everything. There is simply no good explanation for this conflict.

I am a big fan of the action, the original concept, sweet bottom Summer Roberts, Darth and the promise of more Jumpers to come. This was just the beginning of what one can only hope will be at least a trilogy.

The slams on this movie is that there wasn't enough background provided, Hayden can't act (we know we've all seen Star Wars) Rachel can't act (we know we've all seen The OC, right guys?) and Samuel Jackson is quoting scripture again and weilding what appears to be a light saber. This movie seems very familiar because of the people in their type casted roles but the concept is unique. I'm going out on the limb to say that I fall in the camp that loves this movie. The theater was packed with 13 year olds that were cheering which was a little obnoxious (I mean awesome) but I loved the movie anyways.

In conclusion if you are able to get past the lack of any background, some horrible acting you will be entertained. Just to be safe maby catch the matinee to save a couple bucks.

Final thought, I had to drag Momma Dawger to this movie kicking and screaming. She complained all the way through the movie. Then told me the movie was alright. I later find out from her friend at work that she loved it. Nuff said.

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