Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl, Homeboy

Here's to hoping the Giants make the Patriots dream season shoot straight down the toilet. And with that guy above at quarterback, it seems like no problem.

Also here's to hoping the Gophers take down the Badgers. I'm not really sure what this is, but it looks like some kind of Madison online newspaper, and they grabbed a quote from DWG to use under Madison Miscellany about the Badgers. So, I'm pretty famous I guess.

I won't be able to write a recap of the game until Monday, since I'm going straight from the game to study for the GMAT to go watch the Super Bowl. There'll probably be some drinking mixed in there as well.

Anyway, here are the things I'm rooting for in the Super Bowl, other than a Giants victory of course, since I hate all things Boston other than the actual city which is actually a really cool place to visit. But the fans suck.

NY Giants +11.5
NY Giants +12
Burress over 5 catches
Brandon Jacobs to score last TD
Welker under 7.5 catches
Gaffney over 2.5 catches
Stallworth over 2.5 catches
Faulk over 3.5 catches
Burress over 78.5 receiving yards
Moss under 90.5 receiving yards
Faulk over 32.5 receiving yards
Jacobs over 62.5 rushing yards
Jacobs +23.5 rush yards vs. Maroney
NY Giants tied or leading at half
Dan Coleman total points +4.5 vs. total Giants+Pats points in 2nd quarter (seriously)

and, of course, we have basketball as well:

Wisconsin -1.5 @ Minnesota
NC State -4 vs. Wake Forest
North Carolina -10 @ Florida State

Yesterday: 11-8
Season: 283-263

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Dharma Bum said...

The over/under on Joe Buck saying Peyton Manning is 5.5. I'm taking the over by taking a shot every time he says it.