Thursday, February 28, 2008

Gophers, Michael Clayton suck

I've been trying all last night and this morning to muster up the energy to write about how the Gophers suck, and I'm really having trouble caring anymore. When Spencer Tollackson is your most effective player, why even bother?

After a solid first half, the team completely fell apart. Dan Coleman had an excellent first half, actually being aggressive and showing as if maybe, with a whole four games left in his career, he would finally tap his potential. I mean, I saw him play tough defense and box out IN THE SAME GAME. It was like, whoa.

Alas, it was not meant to be, as he reverted back to invisible Dan the second half, scoring only two points, not boxing out, and generally looking lost. Chris Kramer stole the ball and was heading down court for a layup, with only DC back, and instead of sprinting to get ahead of him and play actual defense, he jogged at the same pace as Kramer so he could try to go for the tomahawk block from behind. It's dumb crap like that which has bugged me all year.

I know the team isn't physically up to playing with the big boys, and I know that going into Purdue pretty much wasn't a winnable game anyway, but it's the stupidity and the laziness and the lack of passion that drives me crazy. Yes, they scrap and they play tough defense (some of them) and they "don't give up", but they do some many stupid things and play such lazy defense at times that they often put themselves into "don't give up" situations that they don't need to.

I'm just really frustrated right now. And I think Lawrence McKenzie might be certifiably crazy.

Also, here's a movie review for you. Michael Clayton is boring. The story is pretty decent, but it's like the decided to take the slowest, boringest way possible to tell it. And how the hell did Tilda Swinton win an Oscar for that garbage? She's on screen for all of like, ten minutes total. Overall a pretty damn big snoozefest.

And here's a real picture of Summer Roberts (and I've probably seen every episode of the OC and I don't care who knows it).

Notre Dame +8 @ Louisville (W)
Maryland +2 @ Wake Forest (W)
Wright State +12 @ Butler (W)
Arizona -5 vs. USC (L)
Michigan State +5.5 @ Wisconsin (L)
UCLA -6 @ Arizona State
California +4 vs. Washington State
Northern Arizona -6 vs. Weber State (L)
Mich St/Wisconsin UNDER 124 (W)
LA Tech/Utah St OVER 135.5
Arkansas State -3.5 vs. UL-Monroe (W)

Yesterday: 5-5
Season: 360-341


The Todd said...

Because I'm a creep, I thought I'd let you all know you can see some side boob, including nip of Summer in the craptacular depressing movie, The Last Kiss.

WWWWWW said...

Added to netflix.