Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Something to break up the Gophers basketball posts

Since the next post is probably going to be WWWWWW's Purdue-Gophers recap, I figured something should get posted between it and the preview.

And because the Big Ten Network sucks, I ended up with Duke-GA Tech on my TV instead. It reminded me that Greg Paulus, turnover machine, is one of my least favorite players ever. He's no Brian Cardinal though. Here's my all-time favorite Paulus highlight.

Coming soon from The Sidler, a Twins pitching preview.


Grandslam said...

Now that is some funny shit!!

WWWWWW said...

Dude. I already posted this. You're embarrassing me, you, and the whole DWG team here.

The Sidler said...

Sorry boss. Is Tubby going to call me out like he called out the Gophers last night?

But come on, can you post this ridiculous flop too many times?