Thursday, November 15, 2007

Gophers Look To Crush The Seawolves

Well the gophers Hockey Team finally won a game in conference play last weekend. That was so much fun that they actually won two games and swept Mankato State. To make the games even more fun the Gophers actually scored more then one goal in a game and broke an 0 for 30 power play drought. This weekend the gophers should be able to add to their cure little winning streak as lowly Alaska Anchorage comes to town. Both games will be played at Mariucci Arena.

Basically all you need to know about AA is that they suck. They have always sucked and will always suck. Each year they win a couple games up in Alaska to start the season and everyone thinks "Hey look at Alaska, they are going to be better this year". Then reality sets in, Alaska loses 10 or 12 games in a row, players quit trying and opposing fans have to suffer through watching their teams beat up on a bunch of Canadian/ Alaskan quitters. The one thing Gopher fans have going for them is Alaska has just started said free fall, so their players haven’t quit, yet. This means we might see a couple descent games this weekend....or a couple teams that are at least trying to look descent. Either way we should at least see some effort put forth by both teams.

Alaska has basically two forwards, one defender and an average goalie that deserve mention. The rest of the roster is about as interesting and useful as a NBDL blog by WWWWWW. The two forwards worth noting are Josh Lunden and Kevin Clark (easy Maddog, not that K. Clark). Josh Lunden is actually a very good player and teams have to worry about shutting him down. Kevin Clark is an above average player that benefits immensely from the work Lunden does. Luke Beaverson is AA’s top defender. Beaverson is actually a very good attacking defender who can move the puck. His problem is the people he moves the puck to usually can’t move it themselves so his numbers end up suffering. Beaverson will not make anyone forget about Mike Crowley anytime soon, but he is an above average defender in the WCHA. Like I stated earlier, the rest of the roster is made up with guys who would skate on most WCHA teams 4th lines. WWWWWW that means they aren’t very good.

Some blog related news. It looks like coach Lucia is also reading DWG because he actually had Black Wheeler and Okposo skating on the same line together last weekend. Now if Lucia can just step a little further out of that box he will also put Barriball on that line. I might be able to stay awake for an entire game if he puts all three players together. Okposo also finally scored a couple goals last weekend so maybe he will start playing like a potential 1st round draft pick!

Jeff Frazee still looks as solid in goal as J-j-j-joe O’Brien playing in boots at Able park. I have decided Frazee has a case of the Favre’s, he plays better when he is drunk, stoned and slightly over weight. Here is hoping for more Kangas or more Long Islands and pain killers for Frazee.

The Prediction. The Gophers still kind of suck, but AA truly does suck. This should mean a Gophers sweep, but don’t be shocked if AA steals a point in the series. My prediction Gophers win 4-2 Friday night and 3-2 Saturday night for a sweep.

WWWWWW, both games are on FSNN this weekend so you can follow all the action while you are drinking and smoking your life away in Chicago this weekend!

For those keeping track. The greatest team since the 76 Russians lost again this weekend (they actually got shutout in their loss) and now sit one game ahead of the least talented Gopher team since 1999. Looks like Oshie and that other cute little forward should have rode J.Toews coattails to the NHL this season. Both of them are costing themselves thousands of $$$ and are scoring at the same rate as The Todd scores with the ladies. Ryan Duncan should really send that Hoby Baker trophy to its rightful owner, J. Toews. Yes, the Sioux still suck and still hold the title as most overrated team in the history of college hockey.


Nate Likes Dudes said...

10 minutes and no Sioux comments yet?

Anonymous said...

Your boy Lunden only has 1 pt in WCHA play. Oshie has 8 points and 5goals, which ranks him 3rd in scoring in the WCHA. Do you actually do any research when you post this blog or do you just email The Todd for his thoughts. Not everybody is as clueless when it comes to hockey as WWW.

Kyle (The Most Overrated Player since Dave Speahar)Okposo has a whooping 2 points. I told you black people and hockey mix about as good as Gin and Milk.

I predict a split this weekend.

Stick to writing about things that you know like pewee soccer and skating like you have 2 broken ankles.

Dog Catcher said...

Alnonymous, just because you are moving to Grand Forks in the next year or so doesn't mean you have to wrap your chapped lips around Oshie's crank. He will be skating 3rd line in some minor league by the time you get up there.

Your bits are as stale as Pauly Shores stand up routine and you are about as anonymous with your messages as Jack Nicholson at a Lakers game.

Also, Spehar scored over 60 goals and had nearly 130 points in Hockey. Okposo wishes he was that good. Do some research before you post.

Anonymous said...

I am just happy to see Snake addmitting that the Goph's suck this year and every year. And your damn right about who the rightful owner of the Hobey should have been last year.
Oshie is above average and is only worshipped by people who live in GF and the 2007 Warroad high school prom attendee's and maybe lasers who watch professional soccer.

Siouxnami said...

Great, another gopher fan who is jealous of everything Green and White. We are not overrated. We are actaully underrated right now. Anyone who thinks we aren't the most talented and deadly team in the country does not know hockey. Sioux ya ya- ya ya sioux!

LSR said...

Witty name douche bag! Now you have insulted both Native Americans and people from Indonesia all in one swoop. You sound like a high school football coach who is trying to rally a bunch of brain washed 16-17 year olds with your underrated routine. F'ing loser!

Also, was that a cheer you typed in your message? F'ing dork!

bogart said...

Once again, the hockey blog generates by far the best chatter.

WWWWWW said...

Bogart - if you love hockey so much, why don't you just marry it?


Anonymous said...

yeah Bogart, why dont you just marry it or the snake? You keep sucking his crank all over this blog.

Double burn

Snake said...

Bogart, You can suck my crank whenever you want. Then I will blog about it for you.

Triple burn?