Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Joseph picks Gophers!

No time for a long post here, but Devoe Joseph just sent his Letter of Intent to the Gophers, picking Minnesota over Kansas, Vanderbilt, Virginia Tech, and Texas.

The Gophers already had a top 15 type class for 2008, so this should put them in the top 10. Let me just say that Tubby Smith is clearly a god. Or the program has gone dirty again. Whatever it is, it's working, so keep at it.

Anyway, more chatter at the Gopher Hole, but my personal feeling is that this is flipping awesome.

Devron Bostick, #4 JuCo Soph
Paul Carter, top 3 JuCo Freshman
Ralph Sampson, #74 on Rivals150
Devoe Joseph, #82 on Rivals150
Colt Iverson, #136 on Rivals150

Just awesome. And still room to add someone like Travis Leslie (#111), Verdell Jones (#123), Scottie Haralson, or Krys Faber, who have all shown interest. Man, what a difference. I hate Monson even more now.

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