Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Good triumphed over evil last night, as Rico led Pepperdine to a 92-81 victory over hated Long Beach State and Dan Monson in overtime last night. Unfortunately, Monson still has some kind of soul-crushing mind control over Rico, as he only managed four points on 1-6 shooting, but added four assists and three steals. It says the attendance for that game was 715. Yeesh.

And I hear Torii Hunter signed with the Angels for 5 years, $80 million. Five years, $80 million for a 32 year old center fielder, who has lost most of the range he once had, is coming off an improbable career year in a contract season, and strikes out twice as much as he walks. Generally, older players who still hold value as they age have one thing in common: good plate discipline. I'm going to go ahead and predict that the last two years off that contract are going to be a killer for the Angels.

Kansas State -2 vs. George Mason
Gonzaga -6.5 vs. West Kentucky
South Carolina -2.5 vs. Penn St
USC -14 vs. San Diego

Yesterday: 7-3
Season: 36-28

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