Friday, November 30, 2007

Holy God does Iowa Suck

I just flipped onto the Iowa/LA-Monroe game, and holy crap does Iowa suck. At home, against a shitty team like Monroe, and they're tied with 2 seconds left. Looby has two free throws needing one to win, and misses both. So the CrapEyes are going to overtime, at home, against LA-Monroe, one of the worst teams in D-I this year.

And, of course, I have Iowa -7.5.

- We're not three minutes into OT, and Iowa has allowed ULM to go 4-4 from three point range, and they're down five. I really think last year's Minnesota team could take this Iowa team.

- So Iowa is down four with 50 seconds left, and they decide to play defense - and wait until 8 seconds left on the shot clock and then blatantly reach in and get called for the foul. Just stupid.

- Wow. Iowa loses 72-67. In their own gay tournament. The one where they intentionally invite super crappy teams so they can win. Nice job, jackasses!

- Flipped over to Iowa St vs. Oregon State, and the first thing I hear is how Adam Haluska was a terrific player. Why must announcers tell such lies?

- Anybody else remember Corey Benjamin for OSU? Holy crap was that dude an insane athlete. I found some footage of him from the 1996 McDonald's slam dunk contest against Kobe, Tim Thomas, and Lester Earl. Earl's another name from the past. He was awesome. I think he originally signed with LSU and then got in a bunch of trouble and ended up at Kansas.

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