Sunday, November 4, 2007

This sucks.

F**************ck!!! Colts offense, you blew it.

Aaron Moorhead != NFL quality receiver

On the bright side, the Colts are good enough to hang with the Pats when down a starting LT, WR, and the two-deeps at OLB. Hopefully they meet again in the AFC Championship game in Foxboro and the outcome is different.


Anonymous said...

Quit making excuses you F'in Colts appologist. Pats won because they were the better team. I hate losers like you that keep saying if this and if that, they lost and the better team won. get over it.

Anonymous said...

You left out the part about the Pats being without their #1 running back for the rest of the season.

The Sidler said...

Anger issues? Chill the f out, man.

The Colts offense did blow the game, period. The defense limited the Pats mote than I ever expected but the offense stunk in the second half and in the redzone. They could have put the game out of reach and couldn't do it.

The Pats have a tremendous redzone D and Rodney Harrison took Clark completely out of the game.

Sorry I didn't slurp the Pats' sack enough for you and sorry you expect blogs to be objective, knob.

And Maroney isn't the #1 back? Whatever.

Anonymous said...

Your kidding about Maroney right? How many TD's does he have this year again? Right, as many as you and I. Just because your fantasy rag said he was going to be good doesn't mean its true. Morris was twice the back for the Pats. The only hole Maroney hits hard is his life partners.

P.S. The first guy on this blog is needs to take a couple deep breaths. You are one angry bastard.

WWWWWW said...

I would say Maroney has more talent than Morris, but Morris has certainly had a better season.

bogart said...

W, if you had the No. 1 pick and could go back in time to the 2006 fantasy draft, would have you taken Sammy Morris over Maroney? By the way those two shitty USC running backs sure did look bad yesterday.

WWWWWW said...

They're still terrible.

LSR said...

Talent gets coaches fired....or something like that.