Saturday, November 24, 2007


The Central Michigan Chippewas, alma mater to perhaps the ugliest man in the NBA, Chris Kaman, come to the barn to take on the Gophers today. Unfortunately, due to a family deal, I won't be able to attend the game, but I'll just set the Tivo and watch it later. What? THIS Game isn't on TV either? Well thanks assholes, I don't really want to watch it anyway. I really need someone to explain this all to me, like, why we can't watch half the Gopher games this year. I just noticed that the Christmas tournament they're in, The Duel in the Desert, is three games with none of them on TV. Not a single minute of that is televised. Not through ESPN360, not through that Gold Member thing or whatever, nothing. This is so stupid.

Oh, and CMU sucks. They lost to Central Missouri State, who I'm fairly certain isn't even Division I. Gophers should roll, 82-58.

And today is a really crappy college basketball day. I guess there's some good football games, if you're into that kind of thing.

Brown +9.5 @ Northwestern (W)
Minnesota -12 vs. CMU (W)

Yesterday: 0-3
Season: 37-34

And here's my football picks, since I probably won't have time to do a whole write up you've all come to love so very much:

Jacksonville -8 vs. Buffalo (W)
Cleveland -3.5 vs. Houston (W)
NY Giants -7.5 vs. Minnesota (L)
New Orleans -2.5 @ Carolina (W)
Kansas City -5 vs. Oakland (L)
St. Louis +3 vs. Seattle (L)
Cincinnati +1.5 vs. Tennessee (W)
Washington +3 @ Tampa Bay (L)
San Fran +10.5 @ Arizona (W)
Chicago -2 vs. Denver (W)
Baltimore +9 @ San Diego (L)
New England -24 vs. Philadelphia
Miami +16 @ Pittsburgh

Thangsiving: 2-1
Season: 75-76-10

And PA and Dubay were talking about how they were convinced the Vikings have a shot to end up 9-7 this year. That would require a 5-1 finish. I don't care if they're playing the Gophers six times, they aren't going 5-1. Those two are horrid homers, and really the only reason to even listen is to see what stupid thing they'll say next.

And I hate when people refer to Thanksgiving as Turkey Day. You just sound stupid. Stop doing it.

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