Monday, November 12, 2007

Go Huskers!

Hi. I'm live from Lincoln, Nebraska, which I'm fairly certain is the second worst city in America - after Oakland.

Had a very interesting evening in the hotel bar tonight. It sucked because I wasn't able to watch the Ohio State game, because they had it on the stupid football game instead. My other option was to sit in my room. What am I gonna do - do work and not drink? I don't think so. So I drank heavily in the hotel bar and suffered through the football game. Good news though, we won our Ohio St bet, only the second win all year. I didn't post it here but I'm going to go ahead and count it on my record anyway, because 1-6 will do that to a guy.

- What made the night so awesome, and may very well be the best thing ever, was this group of complete idiots (probably Red Sox fans) talking about sports. Some of their nuggets of wisdom:

*** Braylon Edwards is a better receiver than Joe Jurevicious. I'm so glad they had to have a full on discussion about this, especially as Browns fans. People love white people, it's a fact.

*** Desmond Howard won a Heisman Trophy with Notre Dame.

*** The Packers won the first ever Super Bowl, and then got killed in the second one.

*** Las Vegas is boring.

*** Aaron Gray (former Pitt Panther, current Bull) is a gawky 7-2 who never grew into his body. Sorry, but there are a lot of 7-2 guys you could say that about. Gray wasn't gawky. He was just fat and sucked. He got drafted because he's big and fat, and somehow that entitles people to millions.

*** One guy said, "I should have brought my guitar and played here." Dude, it's a hotel bar. It's not a performer's lounge, and it's not amateur night. I'm pretty sure they would have kicked him out if he tried. This one was just weird.

*** Then they started talking about racing. They talked about people's skills diminishing. Um, it's racing. What skills? Your only skill is having a faster car than everybody else. I don't get it. I kind of tuned out after that because it was really boring. If you wanted to bore me, you could have just talked about hockey.

- Memorial Stadium (home of the U of Nebraska, not former Oriole stadium) looks pretty badass. But I suppose it should when this whole town only exists because of it. The hotel I'm in is called "The Cornhusker" for god's sake. And it's a Marriott. Last time I went out drinking with a guy from Nebraska, he couldn't stop talking about college baseball. Like that even exists. He asked about the U of MN team, and I was like, "I don't know. I think we have Rob Quinlan, Glen Perkins, Paul Molitor, and Jerry Wickman. Sounds like a good nucleus."

- The Adrian Peterson injury really blows. There are officially zero reasons to watch the Vikings now. Face it, T-Jax was a HUGE mistake.

- UCLA super freshman Kevin Love just got compared to Kurt Rambis. I wish I was kidding.

- Lorenzo Mata changed his last name to Mata-Real. Why?

- Who would have thought Shaun Alexander, Steve Smith, and Chad Johnson would all decide to suck the same year? And Andre Johnson would get hurt for like, ever? Certainly put my keeper fantasy team down the shitter.

- Steve Lavin is now making a big deal out of Mercer, because they beat USC. Like, look out for Mercer. You know what? You don't have to look out for Mercer. At all. They were under .500 in the freakin' Atlantic Sun last year. Now, they are a title contender in the conference this season, but it's still the Atlantic Sun. They beat USC because of OJ Mayo. Not that he isn't good, because he is, and not that USC is going to suck this year, because they're going to be good, but when a guy like that comes onto a team, things are going to be tough right off the bat. They guy is about one thing and one thing only - himself - and that's going to be tough to figure out right away. I am sure they will get it figured out and be an NCAA team - and probably beat Mercer by 30 in the first round.

- Who picked Shamala as their favorite Gopher? That's a bit, right?

- I told you people the Cuse was for real. Now, they only beat Siena by 8, and I don't know if Siena is supposed to be any good this year - and I don't want to look it up because alcohol has dulled my brain, but they are loaded with talent. Freshmen Johnny Flynn (28 pts, 6 threes, 9 assists, 5 rebounds) and Donte Green (14 pts, 7 rebs) are every bit as good as advertised. Now, they turned it over 23 times (Flynn, Green, Devendorf, and Paul Harris all had 4+) and gave up 89 to Siena, but they will be involved in the national champion discussion at some point.

- Johan Santana needs to be traded more than anybody has ever needed to be traded. His value is at an absolute apex right now, and you know damn well they aren't going to spend the money to be a contender this year. Just do it. Please.

- Why did I only take two extra beers up to the room with me when the bar closed? Two might as well be zero. I'm so stupid.

- Pepperdine lost again, 84-76 to Pacific. Rico scored 14, on a terrible shooting night, and had 4 TOs against 2 assists. I'm going to assume the coach is still holding him down. Remember, November 21 is Rico vs. Monson.

- The poll is gone because I'm an idiot. Then I tried to redo it and I screwed it up again. I hate computers.

- Gopher Nation has some thoughts on the upcoming Iowa State game for our favorite hoops team. He's absolutely right that it is a huge game for the Gophers. This is the kind of game you win if you have aspirations of an NCAA berth. A win here is really no big deal, but a loss is a killer. The good news is that Mike Taylor, he of the 30+ points and best half I've seen since Vince Grier against Wisconsin, has been bounced off the team for stealing cold medicine. I assume to make meth.

- And the beer is gone so I'm done. I didn't proofread, but I'm going to assume this has less spelling and grammatical errors than the average Snake post, so I should be cool.


Sidler said...

What was that one decent brew pub in Oakland? That city sucks.

I'm assuming a post about racing would go over as well as my last Colts-related post, so I'll just stop now. At least you made fun of hockey at the same time.

The Todd said...

For anyone that cares about hockey...

The Maroon and Gold pulled their heads out of their assess long enough this past weekend and were able to sweep the lowly Mankato State Mavericks. Finally in the league play win column.

snacks said...

What kind of a moron says that Vegas is boring? Does he not like gambling, booze, hot scantily clad women, or all of the above? I've also heard there are many wonderful shows to see there as well, but I don't waste my time with that kind of stuff when I'm there. You should have punched him in the face, or at least "accidentally" spilled a beer all over him.

Also, you are welcome for the Ohio St. bet. If you are scoring at home, I am 1-0 on college bball bets this year. Let's not talk about my football record.

hank chinasky said...

Since obviously the W brothers don't know how to gamble, I'll post some picks that people will actually win money on:

Zaga -26 over Idaho
Wisc.-GB -6.5 over Del. St.
Boise St. +8.5 over Wash. St.
US Irvine +2 over Nevada

WWWWWW said...

Syracuse +7

WWWWWW said...

I mean minus 7

hank chinasky said...

If you weren't so slow WWWW, you would have gotten in on the 'kuse action at -6.5 this morning.

snacks said...

Actually, we've got the 'cuse at -5

Hank Chinasky said...

Nice call on the 'kuse W. I'm 2-1 on the night already (Boise shit the bed on a 6 point half time lead) and UC Irvine is my lock to knock of Nevada tonight.

WWWWWW said...

Nice call, Ass.