Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Minnesota 68, Iowa State 58

Wow, what a great win for the Gophers, and a thrilling game as well. While I was watching the game....oh wait, I couldn't watch the game because whoever is the jackass in charge of putting games on tv is a big giant ass. I know, there was that thing where you pay $10 a month and you could have watched it on your computer, but how gay is that? And how does that help the people that have a football game that night and can't be at their computer? Stupid stupid stupid.

Seriously, I can't even comment on the game, because there's no way to watch it. Did the Gophers win because they are that good or because ISU was that bad? I don't know. I do know that they only had 8 assists to 10 turnovers, which scares me, but they outrebounded a team, and I'm not sure that ever happened in the last five years. And I'd love to know how often Dan Coleman was guarding ISU's Brackins, who finished with 23 points on 11-16 shooting. Does this mean Coleman didn't learn how to play defense yet? Or was there something else? I'll never know because of captain McDickholeguy who won't let me watch the game.

The best I can say is to check out From the Barn's Recap. It sounds like he got suckered into paying the $10 to watch the game, and he has a pretty solid recap and writes things that make me laugh.

Also, I just want to point out again that tonight is Rico Tucker vs. Dan Monson. Jesus vs. Devil, if you will. These teams are both struggling - well, they're terrible really - but Pepperdine should handle them. Especially if the Waves coach will let poor Rico run free. I don't know what he did to him, but the last game Rico managed to turn the ball over six times in only fifteen minutes of play. That's clearly poor coaching. For the season, Tucker leads the team in assists and steals, and NOT in turnovers. He also is struggling with his shot so far, but it'll come around.

Long Beach has lost by forty against BYU and 18 against Montana State, but does have the only win between these two teams. Pepperdine is an 8 point favorite, and I really, really don't want to bet on this game because these teams are a couple of junkpiles. However, I feel like I must back Good vs. Evil, because if I don't, who will? Who will?

I also want to draw your attention quickly to Rhode Island @ Boston College. If you remember when I was to dumb enough to think I would preview the top fifty teams, I thought Rhode Island could be sneaky good. Well, the Rams are 5-0 right now, after winning the Glenn Wilkes Classic (the what?) by beating South Florida, Stetson, and UAB. This game here at B.C. is a real, true test of how good they are this year. If they knock off the Eagles, there are officially two very good teams in the A-10.

And if you're wondering, we played the best team in our league last night (we're #2), and after scoring on the last play of the game to draw within two, were unable to convert the 2-pt conversion for the tie due to Theory tweaking his knee running his route and being unable to get up for a high pass, losing a heartbreaker 20-18.

St. Louis +6 @ Missouri St (W)
Louisville -5 @ UNLV (W)
Pepperdine -8 vs. LBSU (W)
Ariz State PK vs. LSU (W)
Illinois -5 vs. Okla State (W)
Washington +4 vs. Texas A&M (L)
Syracuse -2.5 vs. Ohio St (L)
Marquette +4.5 vs. Duke (W)
Kansas -29 vs. North Arizona (W)
Michigan +8.5 vs. Butler (L)

Season: 29-25

Also, after another horrendous week at 4-11-1, my NFL record has fallen below .500. Since I don't really feel like doing all the games at once, here are my thanksgiving day picks:

Detroit +3.5 vs. Green Bay
Dallas -14 vs. NYJ
Indy -12 @ Atlanta

Season: 73-75-10


From The Barn said...

Yes I was suckered into paying the $10, but it was worth it.

Iowa State wasn't great, but they look like an NIT team.

Dan Coleman can't play defense, but the Gopher zone completely shut down the inside in the second half, so that's at least something positive.

And regarding Rico Tucker, I was very tempted to bring sit right behind the basket last year and hold a huge stop sign, Forrest Gump style, to remind Rico that being fast doesn't matter if you don't have brakes.

Nate Likes Dudes said...

Theory and his gay brother are always injured thus they I should probably trade to get them on my fantasy football team.