Friday, November 2, 2007

Big Ten Football Preview

Hey, The Sidler is back and this time, I'll try to keep it under 1,000 words.

I was going to do a game-by-game preview of the Big Ten football weekend, but then I saw "Iowa @ Northwestern" and decided to pick three games instead:

Ball State @ Indiana: Indiana has seemingly been playing for bowl eligibility since last October and hasn't been able to get over the hump. This is the weekend it happens...or better happen. A win here, combined with a win against Northwestern, has the Hoosiers primed for something like the Motor City Bowl. Sadly, this counts as a major accomplishment. The team wants to make it to a bowl to honor Terry Hoeppner, their head coach who died during the offseason.

Wisconsin @ Ohio State: Ohio State will destroy the Badgers.

Illinois @ Minnesota

Actually, the Gophers are hopefully lining up across from a mirror image of the 2010 Minnesota Gophers. Ron Zook is proving that talent can win over good coaching in the Big Ten this season. If Timmy Brewster can recruit as well as advertised, and as well as Ron Zook and his untraceable bags of cash, then the Gophers should be OK in the long run.

I was a big Illini booster heading into this season--they lost a lot of close games last year as a very young team, but I am disappointed by Juice Williams' play of late. Nevertheless, he gets it together this weekend and the Illini will spoil Homecoming in the Dome.

Yes, this entire post is an excuse to post this Zook picture that Deadspin loves so much.

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Andrew said...

Even if it is the Motor City Bowl, it'll be the first bowl the Hoosiers have been to since I was 7 and you'd better believe I'll be there.