Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Colts are depressing me...let's talk college hoops

The Sidler is back and the Colts look awful on Sunday night. Injuries suck, but the pathetic depth at WR is inexcusable. The Chargers are a love/hate team for me. Their defense is completely annoying, with Roid Rage Merriman and everyone always running 20 yards and then celebrating after every good play...funny, don't remember that from last week. But their offense is on the other end of the spectrum.

What a first half--the Colts gave up a kick and punt return for a TD, Manning threw 4 INTs, the backup LT got hurt, the starting RT got hurt, and a missed FG. One more injury and Jim Sorgi gets to play O-line or WR.

On to college hoops--I have a few things.

1. Check out , the latest addition to the growing ___ Prospectus analytical tree. John Gasaway, formerly bigtenwonk, wrote a fairly in-depth preview of each team that is worth reading.

2. Nice start for the Gophers. By the time I got to MN, Monson was already working his magic to turn The Barn into a morgue, so I'm hoping Tubby can reverse Dandy Dan's work.

3. I can't wait to watch Eric Gordon and the rest of IU play this season. Here's his highlight reel from last year's appearance on ESPN.

I also can't wait for the Wolves to draft him with the first pick of the NBA draft next year.


Dicker said...

W, come on! Is this what your blog has come to, the F'n Colts weekly? Nobody cares! At least Snake is funny and can give us insight into something that readers actually care about. This is just ... irritating! Hell, even The Todd is more entertaining.

WWWWWW said...


The Sidler said...

W will refund your money for that post.

I even forced Gophers hoops into it...

Anonymous said...

Can you please add Ryan Saunders to the poll so I can vote?