Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Just a few thoughts

It's my last day in Utah, and as I sit here with nothing to do, a couple of thoughts are running through my head.

1. So Ohio State lost to D-II Findlay, becoming the second Big Ten team to be taken down by a D2 school in an exhibition after Michigan State lost earlier this week. I wouldn't worry too much in Ohio State's case. They lost basically their entire starting lineup from last season, so I would guess they are in a little bit of disarray trying to figure out what everyone's role will be this year. I still think the Buckeyes will be an upper division team this year. You can read more about the game here at a blog called Buckeye Banter.

2. The reviews are in for Al Nolen as Gopher point guard after the two exhibitions, and they are overwhelmingly positive. After he scored 24 points against SW Minn State, without missing a shot, things sound pretty good. However, I remember when Adam Boone first showed up, and he wowed in the exhibition games as well. I remember leaving one of the games and thinking, "Wow, we finally have a true point guard for the first time since Arriel McDonald." Well, we all saw that worked out. Other than a few flashes of brilliance in a game here and there, Boone wasn't much more than average. Hopefully Nolen can continue his good play into the actual games that count, particularly since I don't really want to see the Westbrook/McKenzie/Payton traveling circus at the point.

3. They have the most bizarre liquor laws in Utah, which I suppose is to be expected. I tried to order a beer at lunch yesterday, and was informed that restaurants in Utah were not allowed to serve beer because it was election day. Election day! What is up with that? So then I go to a bar with some relatives later, and you can't just go in and order a drink, you have to be a member of the "club." You can buy a temporary pass to "join" for $5, but if you wanted to go barhopping some night, you would have to get a pass at every single bar, I mean "club." Super annoying.

4. Although college hoops has started with the Coaches v. Cancer classic and a few other games here and there, Friday is the day everything really kicks off. There are a ton of games on Friday, but most of them aren't going to be very competitive. The best games out there look to be Temple @ Tennessee and DePaul @ Creighton, although neither game is on TV.


Anonymous said...

1. Basketball sucks, too many teams think they are somthing they are not and I guess it takes a DII school to prove that, bring more from the hockey guy.
2. Gophers are a joke till they win something, especially in basketball, glad this guy got off on a great apponent like SW state. Losers like basketball, where is that hockey guy already.
3. you are a degenerate gambler and an alcoholic, its a shame you couldnt get booze for a couple days god forbid you actually have to interact with people sober.
4. God! More basketball, give it a rest already, hey where is the latest hockey column?

WWWWWW said...

You seem angry.

Anonymous said...

Snake- We know that is you. Quit trying to talk up your blog. We know it is you cause you over use the word degenerate.

Anonymous said...

Wrong, like I have any issues with booze and gambling. Also, I didn't know I came up with the word degenerate. Now go fuck yourself you no name taking degenerate!

P.S. The gophers win stuff all the time. I am guessing poster #1 is a Sioux lover who is bitter over not hanging a meaning full banner since the start of this millenium.

The Todd said...

Note to self: don't ever go to Utah.