Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Big Time

Tonight is a very big game folks. No, not my touch football game, that's just for idiots. I'm talking Gophers v. Cyclones. Snacks Law School v. Undergrad. And time to find out just how good the Gophers actually are.

This is the kind of game I wouldn't expect them to win the last few years. But it's exactly the kind of game a tournament team wins, so we'll learn alot. Iowa St is kind of a mystery team, especially without the awesomeness that was Mike Taylor, but the luckily I'm like the Sherlock Holmes of basketball, and can unravel that mystery. The answer is: They Suck.

They have beaten Winston-Salem St and Centenary at home, but neither by more than 14 points, and lost to a shitbox Bradley team by nine on the road. I'm not even sure who their guards are, considering all three ball handlers from last season either transferred (Dodie Dunson & Corey McIntosh) or got arrested (Taylor). It looks like the two guards handling the ball are two Juco transfers in Bryan Petersen and Sean Haluska (yes, it's his brother) who combine for a 1-1 Assist/TO ratio. Now look again at who they have played. If they can't handle those teams, how are they going to handle the Tubby Smith pressure defense? They should eat them alive.

Freshman 6-10 forward Craig Brackins and senior center Jiri Hubalek worry me a bit, especially with so many question marks in the Gophers front court. Can Spencer handle these guys without falling out in ten minutes? Is Coleman tough enough to handle them without falling down and crying? Is Damian Johnson for real? Gophers do catch a break though, with ISU's best returning player, Wesley Johnson, sounding like he's not going to able to play.

The Gophers have they advantage all over the court, as well as a much better coach. The problem? It's the Gophers. So many questions will be answered tonight, and I think we'll have the responses we want.

Gophers 71, ISU 60


Arizona St -8.5 vs. Princeton
Oregon -5.5 @ St. Mary's
Minnesota +1 @ Iowa St
Marquette -4.5 vs. Okla State
Illinois +7 vs. Duke
UCLA -4.5 vs. Mich State
Utah St -2.5 vs. Austin Peay

Season: 24-23


snacks said...

Despite your recent run of success, if Utah St. fails to cover I am changing the password and requiring you to pre-approve all wagers through me. Your man crush on Utah St. has already led to us betting on them to cover as favorites twice, and they have lost the game outright both times. the only reason I haven't changed the password already is that those two games were on the road and this one is at home.

WWWWWW said...

Last time, I promise. They have to cover this one, it's a LOCK.

bogart said...

I think WWWWW likes Utah St. so much because when he was in Chicago some dude hit on him at the bar when WWWWW was wearing his Utah St. shirt and the two of them started hawing about how great Utah St. is and how great it is to be gay.

WWWWWW said...

It's true. The best part of being gay is doubling your wardrobe.

bogart said...

I want my Jasper shirt back, dirtball.