Sunday, November 25, 2007

Minnesota 77, Central Michigan 59

Another nice Gopher win, another game I didn't get to watch. Not only are there a bunch of jerks sitting around deciding I don't get to watch the games on TV, but there's another bunch of jerks sitting around at my ISP's office deciding that I don't get to watch ESPN360 because they don't want to carry it. I don't even know how that works, but it sucks. I don't understand why the whole world has to be out to get me. What did I do? I'm sorry, ok? Just let me watch the Gophers.

So all I have to go on once again is a box score and From the Barn's Recap. I suppose I could read the gophersports article or something from one of the newspapers, but I'd rather hear the it from a fan like From the Barn. And it sounds like CMU was god awful, which makes me even more sad that I missed it. Bad teams are fun to make fun of. Although it seems the Gophers weren't much better, but managed to win anyway just based on the sheer crapitude of the Chippewas.

Overall it looks like a pretty balanced scoring night, with 51% shooting from the floor, which is excellent. One big huge giant red flag is the 24 turnovers to go with only 16 assists. Brutal. Kevin Payton turned it over 4 times in just 10 minutes of playing time, which is really an impressive rate. That's two straight games with more TOs than assists, and it's against Iowa St and CMU. What happens against Indiana and Michigan State? Yikes. They better pull it together. Still, it's a good win. An 18 point win over anybody is an improvement over last year. I just wish I could have watched it.

And on Yahoo's little sidebar for the team, it lists the team's leading three point shooter as Spencer Tollackson, and leading free throw shooter as Jonathan Williams. That's awesome.

Penn St +2.5 vs. Central Florida (L)
George Mason -2 vs. South Carolina (L)
South Illinois -1.5 vs. USC
Arizona +15 @ Kansas (W)
NC State +3 vs. Villanova (W)
Eastern Kentucky +32 @ Duke (L)

Yesterday: 6-3
Season: 43-37


D. Grimm said...

Why don't you stop complaining and go to the F'n game. Idiot!

WWWWWW said...

Had no choice.

chinasky said...

WWW, way'ta sell out CJ Anderson and Xavier . Was it really that big of a shock that they knocked off the Hosiers? They were only 3 point underdogs.

WWWWWW said...

Not a shock at all. CJ is the fuckin' man. I didn't pick that game, truth be told.