Monday, October 1, 2007

I was Right

FatDale White and Reggie Bush combined had less rushing yards than Green Bay's Punter. I told you those guys sucked.

Also, it's pretty clear that Jason Whitlock and Ron Jaworski have been reading this site and stealing my material. In this article, Whitlock says:

"4. I'd like to congratulate ESPN's Ron Jaworski for acknowledging on Monday Night Football what I've been saying for a year: Reggie Bush is overrated as an NFL running back.

The second coming of Gale Sayers is exactly who we thought he was — the second coming of Gale Sayers.

In this era — when 245-pound linebackers run 4.5 40s, 210-pound safeties run 4.5 40s and 260-pound defensive ends run 4.6 40s — Gale Sayers would be a third-down back and return man."

Other than the Gale Sayers comparison, that's what I've been saying. People shouldn't steal from me. It's mean and against the law. And I know an intellectual property lawyer, maybe I'll sue.

Thanks to Snake for pointing out this blatant thievery.

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