Friday, October 26, 2007

Week 8 NFL Picks

Seriously, I hate the Red Sox and all their fans. Please let the Rockies come back and win this, I can't take it anymore.

On to the picks, 8-5 last week:

St. Louis +3 vs. Cleveland: So Steven Jackson is back this week, but it won't matter much with that banged up O-Line. No matter how bad the Rams have looked, they have two things going for them this week which lead me to pick them:
1. The Browns are unpredictable and inconsistent. This is the type of team that can lose this kind of game and
2. More importantly, this is one of only two very winnable games left for the Rams. Unless they pull a big upset, they need to win this one or the game vs. Atlanta to avoid going winless. I bet they get that first win this week.

Detroit +5 @ Chicago: The Lions have had a couple of embarrassing losses on the road this season, and that worries me. Chicago, on the other hand, might be a broken team - they really don't have an impressive win this season.

Indianapolis -7 @ Carolina: Several reasons to take Carolina here: Carr is the last QB to beat the Colts, Manning has never beaten Carolina, Road Monday night team going on the road again, and Home dog coming off a bye. I'll ignore all of that and take the Colts.

NY Giants -9 vs. Miami: Woo hoo, the big London game how exciting. Too bad Miami is the crap.

Tennessee -7.5 vs. Oakland: You know what else? I'm starting FatDale again this week. You know what else? He still sucks. But you know what else? It doesn't matter. They give him the ball 30 times and he falls forward and racks up yards. It's all about the W.

Minnesota +1.5 vs. Philadelphia: McNabb and Kevin Curtis will probably have very good days, but the Eagles are a bad team, just noboby has figured it out yet. Childress also said in an interview that AP's role would increase. I'm hoping it'll happen this week finally, but I'm not counting on it.

Pittsburgh -3.5 @ Cincinnati: This is probably one of those trap games people talk about, but this line seems way to low. The Steelers should crush, and the Bengals should just pack it in for the season. They are not "back", as it took everything they had to beat the Jets at home. Horrible team.

NY Jets -3 vs. Buffalo: Here's the thing about Buffalo, they are pesky at home, but terrible on the road. The Jets are terrible, but not terrible enough to lose to a terrible road team.

San Diego -11.5 vs. Houston: Will probably be at a neutral site and the Chargers will have a lot on their minds and blah blah blah. They roll. Also, come back Andre Johnson - I miss you.

Tampa -3.5 vs. Jacksonville Pretty much a coin flip. EDIT: Changed this because I forgot Garrard was hurt.

New Orleans -2.5 @ San Fran: I'm still non on the Saints are back train, but San Fran is in a full on dive into the toilet. Nice sleeper pick America!

Washington +16 @ New England: I keep picking against these ridiculous spreads they give the Patriots, and I keep getting it wrong. I guess I've learned my lesson. [EDIT: I'm switching to Washington. There's just no way NE can keep it up, and Washington has a good defense.]

Denver -3 vs. Green Bay: Maybe it's my intense burning hatred for all things Wisconsin, but I just don't believe in the Packers. They're too gay.

Last Week: 8-5
Season: 50-43-9


Bogart said...

WWWWWWW - I was looking back at some older posts trying to find your "about to be stars" NFL predictions this year so I could make fun about how asanine they were, when I stumbled across your Gopher Hockey Preview (I never did find the NFL future stars post, but I believe it included Losman and Mark Clayton). It generated what I believe is a record of 15 posts. Despite your disdain for hockey, I suggest you keep at least somewhat up to date on Gopher hockey this year. This is a U of M website and they are one of MN's most consistently good teams. Plus the chatter it generated was brilliant.

p.s. - I don't know who "the Todd" is, but even I knew that Okposo was drafted in the top 10 last year - and I've watched like one Gopher hockey game in my entire life. Its surprising to me since it appears that all the Todd does all day is watch TV and read your blog - and then regurgitate what he saw/read during the day on to your message board. A poor man's W, so to speak.

WWWWWW said...

I love The Todd. And any hockey questions need to be directed towards him.

also, I was way wrong on JP Losman.

The Todd said...

Bogart, huge favor. I need a ride to the liquor store pronto. I'm down to my last 6 beers.

Apparently I'm going to have to do a better job of portraying my sarcasm as no one got my Okposo bit. That was a little test of what I had to work with which everyone passed with flying colors, well done. I didn't realize how hostile this crowd is. My apologies.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to carve a pumpkin.

Bogart said...

Fuck off Todd.

L. White said...

Suck my Fat Crank, Dipshit! You are an absolute idiot. Your boyfriend C. Brown has played his last game as a Titan. Maybe Brown and Losman can start guest blogging on your site since they have absolutely nothing to do the rest of this season.

"Hey everybody, my name's Nate, and I'm a fantasy football genius!"

WWWWWW said...

That was horrible. D-

Nate Likes Dudes said...

My wife just bought a $30,000,000 baby otter winter coat. Now I'm poor. Totaly just lost track of what I'm trying to make a point about.

That's right. I hate Man Ram.

Sioux Fan said...

The Todd, being an idiot and then trying to pass it off as sarcasm??? You can do better then that can't you.

Also, when you talk about carving a pumpkin, is blog code between you a WWWWWW for cut a hole in pumpkin, put it in the microwave for one minute and the f- the ever living hell out of it while watching a love scene between Helen Hunt and a cripple?

P.S. Are we done with Gopher Hockey posts because the Sioux are #1 in the country?

Anonymous said...

Hey Sioux fan, get a life and go read your own rube, Sioux fan site. I'm willing to bet you are also a BoSox and Pats fan. Just a hunch.

Sioux Fan said...

Anonymous, Your right I do like the red sox. Like the sioux I enjoy watching winners. Let me guess, you like the cubs and "carving" pumpkins?

WWWWWW said...

Your = possessive
You're = you are

Pumpkin Carver said...

Anyone who corrects spelling on a blog IS a complete dipshit. WWWWWW You're better then that.

Leave the spell checking to the other dipshit who reads this blog who thinks he's Johny Webster Dictionary.

J.W. Dictionary said...

Carver, he wasn't correcting your spelling, you did spell the word properly, you just used it in the wrong context. Your next lesson should be on when one should use a comma. Comma, not a coma.

P.S. Are you related to Quentin Costa, the Carver from Nip/Tuck? W, please tell me you watch that show religiously.

Anonymous said...

J.W. Dictionary- Actually the word would have been spelled wrong. As W pointed out it should have been spelled "You're". Once again, thanks for trying to show us how smart you are. Let me speak for the rest of the readers of this blog. No one looks up to or thinks the guy who spends his day/night correcting grammer errors on blogs is smart. That sounds about a entertaining as sitting around with The Todd as he gets drunk and realizes he has just wasted the last 10 years of his life.

Hopefully the spelling is up to snuff. Wait this is a blog that 30 people read only JW Dic give a shit.

The Todd said...

Where is the love people? Go get laid for the love of human kind, honestly.