Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's Rico Time

Rico Tucker is going to dominate more than he was going to dominate before, now that Pepperdine's leading scorer and awesome name haver Kingsley Costain was kicked off the team for violating school policy.

There's some discussion and speculation here on the Pepperdine boards, but the only real fact is that Rico is going to dominate even more with one less guy trying to get to shoot the ball. He will have to worry about about the coaches son, Jason Walberg, who averaged 14 ppg in five games last year and will probably have his dad trying to feed him the ball, but Rico should still dominate. If he and his cousin, top 100 6-6 freshman Tyrone Shelley, just play the two man game they'll be fine.

Tucker participated in both the 3-point contest and dunk contest at the Waves Midnight Madness. He lost his 3-point match, and as far as the dunk contest goes, here's how summed it up:

'Daniel Johnson and Mychel Thompson were the dunkers for the Blue squad, while Tyrone Shelley and Rico Tucker did the honors for the Orange squad. It wasn’t much of a contest, as Tucker scored perfect 40s during all three rounds. He did a 360 in the first round, a windmill in the second, and for his final dunk he brought the ball down to his knees and brought it back up over his head for a reverse jam.'

He's so awesome.

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