Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Let's Go Rockies!

Before the series kicks off tonight, I'd like to mention I'm on the Rockies to win the series at +180, and the Rockies to win tonight at +190.

I'd also like to quote Doctor Detroit on what's wrong with Red Sox fans. He puts it alot better than I could:

"And that's where Red Sox fans are flawed and you as a Yankees fan are missing the point that baseball extends beyond the Red Sux and Yankees. It didn't change, it won't change until the Red Sox have won 25 more world championships. The New York Yankees are the greatest sports franchise in the history of north America. My Detroit Tigers have a prouder history than the Red Sox. Actually so do the Marlins. Red Sox fans are annoying beyond the point of consumption because they think they are somehow at the level of the New York Yankees, Oakland A's, or St Louis Cardinals. They aren't. They are the most annoying fanbase in the history of sports for even thinking they can compare themselves to the Yankees. This is why neutral fans like me can take the Yankees but can't take the Red Sox.There is a big difference in credibility."

Well said.

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The Todd said...

A few things:

-I just rolled in the door with a beer in hand (1:24pm Thursday). Technology and working from home is the best!

-I just saw that the Red Sawx won in a squeaker last night.

-I would go down on Josh Beckett.

-I need another beer.