Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Darius Rocks

I went up to Sensor's with Snacks and we watched a little of the Spurs/Blazers NBA tipoff game. Three quick things:

1. Guy who goes to the bar by himself to watch the Wild game: That's fine. Do whatever. But when you're there by yourself, sipping on Mich Ultra, don't yell out loud at the game. It's bad enough there are people who do this in their own home, but don't go to the bar and do it. Newsflash: You're an idiot.

2. Weird old couple in the corner: Please stop fondling each other. It's creepy and weird. You're like 60. Knock it off.

3. It seems Darius Washington hooked on with the Spurs and somehow managed to get the backup PG job. Darius makes me laugh for two reasons: A) he Rick Rickert'd and went pro waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too early. If my memory serves me, I don't think he even got drafted, and B) the video below. Go forward to about 1:30 to see it. I don't root for people to fail (all the time), but please notice the cocky "keep the hand up there" and look towards the bench after the first free throw. That's what makes what follows funny.

Also we had Duncan over 10.5 rebounds so woo-hoo! Go money!


L. Wrighht said...

I was reading your blog and watching the Lakers/Rockets game. Three quick things:

1. Don't you go to the bar by yourself when you are in these little hick towns? We all know you yell at the Twins game when you are in Houghton, pissing and moaning about Lew Ford's OPS+. Mich Ultra is no worse than the shit you drink on a daily/hourly basis.

2. That old couple is your parents. Remember, they sit on the same side of the booth.

3. You're just cruel. How do you sleep at night.

P.S. What the hell do you do for beverages when you are in Utah? Or is Utah your version of spin dry. Maybe you don't actually go to Utah. It's just code for spin dry.

L. Wrighht said...

I should have put a ? after the first spin dry. Sorry J.W. Dictionary.

WWWWWW said...

Going to the bar by yourself is fine, particularly if you're travelling alone. Yelling at the TV is unacceptable in your own home, much less in public in front of a bunch of people.

And "going to Utah" is code for "going to rehab in Utah."