Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ricky Rick's Blog

Rick Rickert's blog, as posted at the Gopher Hole, and I'm not even kidding.

I didn't spend a whole lot of time there, but it seems this New Zealand league he's in must be as easy as Dusty's Australian League, since Rick had a 39 point, 19 rebound game his first time out in that league. It's actually pretty boring. No comments on making one of the worst draft-related decisions in the history of the league.

Baseball playoffs - expect the Rockies in 5, Indians in 7.

Game 1 of Indians/Red Sox is heavily tilted in the Sox favor at the books. Indians are +142, with Sabathia on the hill. I don't care who is on the other side, Sabathia should never have that poor of odds. He pitched against the Sox only once this year, but held them to 1 run on 5 hits in seven innings, striking out 7. Sure, Beckett pitched well against the Indians, giving up 0 runs in 8 and 2 runs in 7 in his two starts against them, but it's not a +142 matchup, not at all. It's a good bet on the Indians.


Anonymous said...

WWWWWWW- Looks like Rickert did at least one thing right. He married a smoking hot rich chick. Check out pictures of her on his stupid blog.

PS That New Zeland league is awesome. The sport 2 other superstars in Shane Heal and Nick Horvath.

snacks said...

On another note, everyone should be aware that WWWWWWW just picked up "FatDale" for his fantasy team. What a hypocrite! Are you going to engineer a trade for Reggie Bush next?

WWWWWW said...

I was THAT desperate. Much like your fiance, when you reach that level of desperation, you'll take anything.

Anonymous said...

W, You Goddamn Phony! I thought you would have had teen heartthrob C. Brown for a situation like this.
Thanks for the FYI, Snacks. If you could keep the readers abreast on any other hypocritical moves W makes, it will be greatly appreciated.

Q: What's the difference between W's blog and Rickert's blog?

A: Rickert's is mildly entertaining.

Extremely Disappointed In Seattle said...

WWWWW- You have to be kidding me that you picked up Fatdale White. You adding White to your roster is like Hitler Marrying a jew, David Duke donating money to the NAACP or Schmidt getting a lap dance from a stripper. You should be extremely disappointed in yourself. Your blog just lost all credibility. Please save us from the dribble about why you had to pick him up. Do the right thing here, admit your mistake and drop him from your roster ASAP. Sellout!

WWWWWW said...

You people are idiots. A hypocrite would be someone who said "whatever you do, don't ever pick up Fatdale" and then picked him up. I never said that. I said he sucks, and he still does.

You are too stupid to read this blog. Please leave for life.

WWWWWW said...

and it's drivel, not dribble.

Extremely Disappointed In Seattle said...

and your still a sellout webster!