Tuesday, October 16, 2007

This is not very Interesting

There's not much to write about, but last night watching the end of the Rockies/D-Backs game I got to thinking about LaTroy Hawkins.

And congratulations to the Rockies. Even though they got really lucky in game four (pop up double, error) they really kicked ass in the first three games. After the cheapie double you could really feel the whole game shift.

Also, it's awesome and everything that they have won 20 of their last 21 games, but can we please not compare them to the greatest streaks ever? For some bizarre reason they went ahead and did this on TBS last night. Comparing the Rockies to the UCLA Bruins of college hoops, Miami Dolphins, Oklahoma for college football, and the LA Lakers. But you know what, those teams all won a whole assload of consecutive games. If you're going to compare, at least use the '35 Cubs or '02 A's. That doesn't make sense either, but at least it's the same sport.

Anyway, Hawkins had pretty decent numbers, but was 0-5 in save situations, not surprising given his history here in Minnesota. I was curious, so I looked and his stats for this year were:

Save Situations: 0-2, 5 g, 3 ips, 10 hits, 2 walks, 9 ERs, 0 K's, for an ERA of 27.00 and a WHIP of 4.00

Non-Save Sits: 2-3, 57 g, 48.1 ips, 42 h, 14 walks, 12 ERs, 29 K's, for an ERA of 2.23 and a WHIP of 1.16.

So it's safe to say LaTroy Hawkins is a lousy starter, a horrible closer, and a pretty darn good set up guy. Remember in the three years he was primarily a setup guy for the Twins (with a disastrous closer reason mixed in) he posted ERAs of 3.39, 2.13, and 1.86 with over sixty appearances in each of those seasons.

I guess the point of this is:

1. Hawkins hasn't had nearly as bad a career as I thought. My perceptions are colored by his poor closing outings.

2. I'm pretty bored.


snacks said...

What is your problem with them comparing the Rockies streak to streaks in other sports? I will go ahead and do it for you. The Rockies streak is more impressive than a similar streak in basketball or football. In those sports you have the same 5 guys or 22 guys starting every night. Baseball is so difficult to sustain a streak because you have a different pitcher out there every fifth day. Even if you have superior every day players, if your fourth and fifth starters start matching up with the Brandon Webbs and Johan Santanas you are going to have a difficult time winning even a few games in a row. That's why even the best, most dominant teams don't even win two-thirds of their games, unlike the top teams in other sports.

WWWWWW said...

They have won 20 out of 21. That is not a winning streak. It's that simple.

snacks said...

I forgot what a nerd you are. I'll try and be more mathematically precise in referring to the Rockies recent 95.5% winning streak. I forgot that only things that are exactly alike can be compared to each other. Like you and Matt Stairs on the basepaths. My mistake.

WWWWWW said...

They're talking streaks. Winning streaks. Consecutive games without a loss.

The Rockies lost.

The 20-21 is incredible, especially in baseball, and especially at this point in the season. But it is not a consecutive game winning streak.

Lil Flip said...

WWWWWW- Why don't you stop bickering over who gives a shit with your brother and start commenting on the rumor circulating that Kentucky has withdrawn their scholarship offer to Ralph III due to a likely commitment to the Gophs. New nickname for Iverson/Sampson: Ebony and Ivory.

PS Snacks, a streak is Jacie running bare assed through DePaul University's courtyard on St Patty's day or an unbroken series of events. Only a complete douche would argue otherwise.

Lil Jon, Lil Troy, Lil Bow Bow said...

Lil Flip (the rapper?) why are you always referencing Ebony and Ivory. Get some new material. Seriously

Anonymous said...

Lil Loser - Lil Flip is short for little Flip Saunders aka Ryan Saunders. Ebony and Ivory refers to the different colors of cranks you like to take into your mouth.

Anonymous said...

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I got your lil flip bit but it just wasnt funny. It would have been better if you were talking about lil flip the rapper.
And let go of the ebony and Ivory shit it woren out worse then your chic or should I say guy.

Lil Flip hater said...

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Lil Flip said...

Lil Flip Hater- That was some of the angriest and hypocritical material I have ever read. People that chime in and respond to comments posted on obscure blogs can't talk about what a loser somebody else is for posting a comment.

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I hope that by spewing your hate on this forum it will save your dog from getting stomped tonight.

Thanks for taking time out of your really busy life to sit down and write a term paper about my posts.

PS I'm 5' 8" and was mediocre at every sport I played in HS.

WWWWWW said...

I am not obscure. Dammit.