Saturday, October 20, 2007

Gophers vs. NDSU

11:11 - Well that was fast. Three plays, and a touchdown, capped off by a WR pass from Decker to Spry. Which was misidentified by whoever this announcer is as a flea-flicker - twice, so it wasn't just an accident.

11:14 - The Gophers continue to refuse to tackle, giving up about a 70 yard swing pass to a guy who looks like a fullback. And their defense had been solid too up until that point. Stuffed a run, and stopped a three yard slant, it actually looked like this game was going to go the way a Big Ten vs. I-AA game should go, but apparently that's not to be.

11:18 - He is a fullback. Tyler Roehl, who weighs 232 but still outran the Gophers defense. On the bright side, at least he's their leading rusher.

11:19 - Shoutout to Oakdale!

11:21 - Three and out for the Gophers, highlighted by Weber missing an open receiver and a sack by the Bison. Momentum solidly gone from the Gophers side, and a tremendous statement of an opening drive wasted.

11:24 - Roehl just beat the Gopher linebackers to the corner for a gain of five, so he's clearly faster that he looks. Or is the Gopher defense is that slow?

11:30 - A crappy 15-yard penalty gives the Bison a bail-out first down.

11:32 - More bad tackling

11:34 - Hightower hits Roehl and stands him up and drives him back on third and inches. That was a pretty awesome tackle on a pretty big guy.

11:34 - NDSU misses a 34-yard FG. Gophers aren't losing yet.

11:35 - More bad passing.

11:36 - Following a false-start penalty, the Gophers decide to run the Vikings offense and instead of taking a shot downfield on 3rd and 14, they go with a wide receiver screen and pick up about three. Another three and out.

11:40 - That was about a ten yard pick up for the Bison RB, and he wasn't even touched until about 9 yards down field.

11:44 - More bad tackling. They're making Roehl look like Alstott.

11:44 - Playaction, wide open touchdown. 14-7 Bison on the last play of the first quarter. I think the time of possession there was 13 minutes to the Bison, 2 for Minnesota.

11:50 - Weber misses another wide open receiver on third and three, and the Gophers punt again. This is the offense that put up a bunch of points this year? How did that happen?

11:54 - The Bison blocking gives Roehl 10 yards before he's even touched, he then breaks two tackles, but then somehow the ball comes out and the Gophers recover. Huge break. Need to capitalize.

11:59 - Looks like a bad spot will bring the Gophers to 4th and 1 instead of a first down at the ten. But Decker needs to run his routes so they are past the marker, not 1 yard in front. Very Vikingslike.

12:01 - Given a first down after reviewing the play. Score one for instant replay.

12:03 - Pinnix stuffed, brings up 4th and 1 from the three. I think you have to go for it here. Timeout Gophers.

12:06 - Play action bootleg, Weber is close and they give him the first down. Gutsy call.

12:08 - Toucdown Pinnix, and it was easy. Momentum Gophers? Now they just have to play defense. Yikes.

12:10 - Bison completion to a guy with no Gopher within 10 yards. So much for playing defense.

12:12 - The NDSU offensive line is just destroying the Gophers. The holes they're opening are like the ones Emmitt Smith ran through his whole career which led people who are stupid to believe he was better than Barry Sanders or Walter Payton.

12:15 - Hey, they made NDSU punt. Good deal. Of course, he drops it out of bounds at the four, but still, it's a punt.

12:21 - So far this drive has gone - missed open receiver, big gain on the ground, dropped pass, big gain on the ground. They should probably just run.

12:24 - Weber is seriously freakin' terrible. I haven't watched enough this year to know if it's all year or just this game, but this is brutal. And it looks like he can't run an option either. He should have cut that one up, instead pitches to Pinnix with two guys right in front of him for a loss of four. Now 3rd and 14.

12:26 - And now a false start to go to 3rd and 19. Screen or Draw?

12:27 - The Good news: They actually went downfield to try to pick it up. The Bad News: Weber missed another open receiver. Time to punt.

12:29 - Roehl goes from his own 6 to the Gopher 25 untouched. Someone actually got him from behind, which is a minor miracle, but this is clearly the best offensive line in the history of football. Oh yeah, and there were only 35 seconds left, and the Bison had the ball on their own 6. So like, not a good time to give up a 70 yard run. Brewster should have told his defense not to do that.

12:31 - FG as half expires, 17-14 NDSU. The Gophers can't stop the run, can't stop the pass, can't pass, but at least they can run the ball. Good times.

1:05 -I'm bored and going to the bar now, go Gophers, Cyclones, Razorbacks, Demon Deacons, Tigers, Gamecocks, Terrapins, Bears, and Buckeyes.


J. Hinrichs said...

W, please stop blogging on games when you are stone cold sober, it's practically unreadable. You are much more entertaining when you have a nice buzz on. Hopefully, you will come back from the bar tonight and give us a little Bos/Clev, or if were lucky, the Gopher/CC hockey game.

P.S. However, don't blog if you are completely stewed, because then you are a disaster, and slightly embarrassing.

P.P.S. Jacie, Would you please take your mouth off of my balls now? I wasn't that great of an athlete, I was just really fast.

WWWWWW said...

You should probably go to hell. I'll be blogging (and drunk) later. Hooray for Tivo.

Also, F the Red Sox.

WWWWWW said...

also there's not achance in hell I blog a hockey game. Use your fucking head.