Thursday, October 25, 2007


I just want to mention that the local news referred to new Twolve Antoine Walker as "All-star Antoine walker." No way that dude has been in allstar inlike five years. Just wanted to point that out.

Also, since I'm here, can we please stop with the whole "drinking the kool-aid" thing. That happened in the seventies. Please stop. I will give anyone $1 every time they want to say "drinking the ____________ Kool-Aid" and don't.

Also, if you've never heard anyonje say this, it's very possible I spend too much time on the internet. But just because my real life friends are so lame.


Also I'm drunker than your mom. I have to go to bed. With your mom. Yeah, whatup?


The Todd said...

My Walker T'wolves jersey is scheduled for arrival on Monday! I think I'll wear this one on even days and SeaBass's on odd days.

I also may have seperated my shoulder last night in my drunkeness cuz I can't lift my arm above my man boobs, WTF?

Also, has anyone ever had any luck with hooking up via Craig's List? I can't get a damn god reply.

WWWWW, you should post again so I have something to read.

Anonymous said...

What the hell is this kool-aid thing?

I hate Anonymous Guy said...

Anonymous, are you mentally retarded?