Sunday, October 28, 2007

F the Red Sox


Ameristar said...

WWWWW, I thought you hated the Red Sox? When was that picture taken?

Anonymous said...

Yaaaaa for Rocktober your fucking lame sports term using loser!

P.S. Why is it now in cool to hate the patriots?

WWWWWW said...

I hate everything sports-related from Boston.

Spike Owen said...

What about the Boston Red Sox on the original RBI baseball?


with Dave Henderson coming off the bench.

At least show some respect for the greatest team in video game history. Jacie you can shove Jerry Rice and your 88 49ers team up your ass.

Anonymous said...

Sox on RBI? Try the Saints on 08 Madden. Run them out of the split back formation and they are unstoppable. RBI Sox, you have to be kidding us! Nice call Dubay!

Steve Stiffler said...

Christ the 07 Saints aren't even the best team in their division on that game let alone the greatest video game team of all-time. If The Bear could have fucked with a couple more game settings he would have mopped The Saints up. You're(wwwww did I use that correctly) an idiot. I haven't read anything that stupid since The Todd's Gopher Hockey preview.

WWWWWW said...

Yes, you used it correctly. Congrats.

The Todd said...

Stiffler, I too fucked your mom...not that good and boy did she smell.

Stiffmeister said...

El Todd - After a weeks worth of savegery you finally retaliate with.....wait for it...... a mom joke????? Let me guess, you are a big Jimmie Fallon guy. I haven't been that disappointed since I heard you survived your alcohol poisoning.

The Todd said...

You and me both my friend, call me!